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Ask a Witch Doctor: I am beginner and am wondering how to tell your parents that you are a Wiccan and have them take you seriously, instead of them thinking it is just a phase?

Hello, I am beginner and am wondering how to tell your parents that you are a Wiccan and have them take you seriously, instead of them thinking it is just a phase? Thank you for this and previous advice!

This is a fascinating and interesting question, mostly because of the fact that you, decided to send it to me, of all people. I'll try not to laugh at you for asking this to me...okay?

I am not a Wiccan and as my long time readers will be familar with, I hold a very low opinion of all things Wicca in general. Through out my writings you will see my referancing "Fruity-Tooty Wiccans", "Fluffy Bunny Wiccans", "Brainless know-nothing Wiccans Witch wannabes", and "Those teeny-bopper worshipers of Silver Ravenwolf".   So perhaps, you have sent this question to the wrong person, yes? Me thinks, you have not done your research, and have not read very much of anything I have ever written these past 31 years. You see, if you are a Wiccan, than you are a Witch, and me, well, Honey, I'm a Witch Doctor, and a Witch Doctor is someone who's job it is, to rid the world of Witches.

Maybe I should clear some misconceptions and help you to see yourself, the way I see you.

Let me explain something to you:

Wiccans/Witches are Pagans.

Witch Doctors/Hoodoo Rootworkers are Christian.

Wiccans/Witches worship Goddess.

Witch Doctors/Hoodoo Rootworkers worship Jesus.

Wiccans/Witches call on spirits to cast spells.

Witch Doctors/Hoodoo Rootworkers call on saints and angels to undo witches' spells and exorcise demons.

A Witch Doctor, is not a Witch.

A Witch Doctor is a doctor who cures the spiritual illness known as witchcraft, spread by germs known as Witches.

Wiccans are worse than other Witches, because they are NOT real Witches, they are just religion crazed looney toons, who think it's cool to be A Charmed One. They can not fathom doing REAL Witchcraft, so they float around on their delusional happy little cloud of "Look at me, I'm a good witch, I only practice White Magic and Power of Three! I don't do that evil Voodoo. I don't sacrifice animals and drink the blood of lambs. Look at me I've got a cape and a wand, let's go dance in moonlight and sprinkle rosepetals on graves. La La La..." Every drop of infomation they know about Wicca and witchcraft they learn from Hollywood TV and the delusional fantasy prone books of Silver Ravenwolf. They haven't got a clue what Witchcraft is, or what it means to be a Witch, and their very statment about Voodoo proves they they don't know a damned thing about Catholic Sects, one of which Voodoo happens to be.

I'm a Witch Doctor, not a Witch.

I'm a Christian, not a Pagan.

I mean, you come to me with this question, and I don't know, but you seem to be under the impression that I am a Witch or have Wiccan sympathies, and I'm not and I don't, so why you chose to send me this question, is well, odd. But any ways, is it clear to you NOW, what I am, what I do, and what my view is of you and other Wiccans like you? Yes? Good! Now Let's move on.

Alright. Ignoring the fact that you are a Witch of the lowlest most desacrated type (a woo-hoo look at me, Wiccan witchwannabe) your question can be answered along the lines of generalities.

Fact #1: If you live with your parents, you are not old enough to legally choose to join any religion, not even your parents religion. Why? Because it's the law. If you at an age under 21 years old, join a religion, any religion Christian, Pagan, or otherwise, the leaders of that religion can go to prison for child endangerment. This is provided that your parents know the law is there, know you joined a religion they do not approve of, and choose to take said religon to court over it.

So, if you are under 21 years of age, and living with your parents, and you know that your parents do not approve of the religion you have joined, than it is not in your best interest to tell them you have joined until after your 22nd birthday. Until you are 22 years old, your parents can leggal force you to have no contact with anyone from your chosen religion.

Fact #2: EVERYTHING in life is a phase. The quicker you accept that, the sooner you will come to enjoy life. You can not expect your parents to think you are not going through a phase, when the simple fact of the matter is, YOU ARE going through a phase. Now granted it could be a more serious phase than past phases you have had, meaning this phase could quite possible last the rest of your life, or it may evolve into a new phase 10 years from now, or it could fizzle and die next week, who knows. But to say you are not going through a phase in immature and will not help your parents to take you seriously. The first step to getting them to take you seriously is to come right out and tell them you are going through a phase and you need to test it out to get it out of your system. Maybe you'll keep doing it years down the road, maybe you won't, at this point in your life, you don't know. By admitting this, and telling your parents, yes they are right, this is a phase, and you don't know where it'll lead, but you want to try it out anyways, well right there you are telling them that you are becoming a responacble adult capable of making your own choices, and that alone is going to have them taking you seriously.

How you go about telling your parents is going to effect their reaction. If you stomp in the room, hands on hips, and yell at them something along the lines of "I've become a Wiccan and there ain't nothing you can do about it," well than, they are just going to send you to your room without supper and tell you to grow up and stop being a bratty crybaby. But if you sit down calmly and say: "Mom, I found this new church, and I want to attend a few meetings with my friends, you know just to try it out and see what it's like," well then you are going to get a better responce.  Take it slowly, take it calmly, take it is itty bitty steps, and when you feel the time is right, than you can talk to her again, this time with: "Hey, Mom, you remeber that church I told you about? Well, it's a Wiccan Coven and I'm thinking about becoming a member."

If worse comes to worse, all they can do is say you can't become a Wiccan. So what do you do than? Well, now it's time for you to REALLY act on your words and PROVE that this is not a phase by responding to them in a calm rational manner with: "Okay. I can wait. I'm 14 now, it's only 7 more years before I turn 21. That's not very long to wait. I'm in no hurry. I've got the whole rest of my life to be a Wiccan. I'll join it than after I move out and get my own apartment." Than leave it at that. Go about your business, get your school done, read up on Wicca, and wait patiently and calmly for the day to come when you are on your own and can do whay you want.


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