Thursday, May 17, 2012

FAQs: Can a Spirit Guide be my loved one/relative who recently deceased?

Can a Spirit Guide be my loved one/relative who recently deceased?

No. Your spirit guide is with you from the time you are born. They were with you before you were born. They will be with you after you have died. Your spirit guide never leaves you. They are with you always. Your spirit guide is a being whom loves you very much. Think of them as your teacher, swami, and comforter. Spirit Guides are formless, without bodies, but are able to apear to you in a form which you will find least frightening. They can appear in any form which they know will bring comfort to you. They may apear to you in many different forms or always apear the same each time you see them, or you may never see them at all, only feeling their presence. They may appear as an angel with wings, in the form of a beloved dog, in the form of your grandmother, in the form of Jesus or his mother Mary, or anyone else. They will never appear as something you find scary or frightening, they will always appear as a source of comfort, for that is their prime job: to provide you with peace, love, and comfort.

The does not mean that your deceased loved ones do not visit you from time to time, but they do not stay on Earth and are not with you always. They may stay with you for a few days, weeks, or months after they have died, however. If their death was very hard on the family they may stay around on Earth until you have had time to accept their death.


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