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FAQs: Do we need a wand? Do you use a wand? Where do I get a wand? Do I make my own wand? How do I make a wand? Can you make a wand for me? What exactly does a wand do? How do I know if my wand is the right wand for me? How do I charge my wand? What about a staff or a knife, do I need those too?

Do we need a wand? Do you use a wand? Where do I get a wand? Do I make my own wand? How do I make a wand? Can you make a wand for me? What exactly does a wand do? How do I know if my wand is the right wand for me? How do I charge my wand? What about a staff or a knife, do I need those too?

I'll try to break this down and answer each one at a time. Make it easier to digest that way.

Do we need a wand? 

No. Few spell casters, in real life, actually have or use wands. Wands are a Holloywood invention, that several Wiccans adopted in recent years, and were made popular in the past decad by the fictional tales of Harry Potter. Historically magic casters did not often have wands, except for the wizards in the Bible, namely Moses, and his wand was a staff not a wand but a staff is really only a big wand.

To have a wand or not is a personal choice. Either you feel drawn to use one or you don't. Neither is any more right or wrong than the other. Chose to use a wand because you feel compelled to, not because you were told you have to. If you don't want a wand, you don't need a wand. If you do want a wand, than by all means, go ahead and use it.

There are some folks, like myself, who have many wands and use each one for a specific purpose. For example a pink wand used only for romantic love spells, a green wand used only for money drawing spells, a gold wand used only for luck spells, etc. Others have one wand they use for everything. Wands are a purely personal choice.

Do you use a wand? 

Currently? No, I do not. At the moment I am not feeling called to use them. I may again in the future, I may not. Who knows? I likely will take up wand use again, because wands are something that resonate with me on a deep level.

I used to use them for everything back in the 1970s when I was first starting out. Over the years I found wands to be a cumbersome  more in my way than helpful, so I discontinued using them. But I keep being drawn back to them, so never discontinue their use for very long to a time. I switched to focusing more on crystals and gemstones for a while, which can be used in a manner similar to wands. I tend to go back and forth between wands and gemstones.

I prefer to have a separate wand for each type of spell. Each wand charged for it;s own purpose. Keep in mind however, that I am a professional spell caster, casting many spells over the course of each week, for many people, and in my case, it's impractical to recharge my wand for each new spell. (If you cast a money spell today you will have first charged it for that purpose, and if you plan to do a love spell tomorrow you will need to recharge your wand to align it to casting love spells, otherwise it'll still be tuned in to attracting money, not love.) For some one casting their own spells, they'd only be doing a spell once every few months or so, and thus for them having only one wand and recharging it's purpose before each spell is fine.

Where do I get a wand? 

Most folks who use a wand make it themselves out of a branch off of a tree growing in their yard. It can than be used as is, or decorated with ribbons, gemstones, glitter, or whatever you have laying around that feels special and magical to you.

Folks who are into "ceremonial magic" (dressing up, chanting in circles, and showing off to other members of a coven with "Look at me, my cord is purpler than your cord, my wand is made of ash not oak, I'm better than you, oh glory be to the goddess, ain't I just the greatest peice of shit you ever did see!") prefer to buy meaningless mass produced wands from occult shops online, so they can say to you: "Nahn nah, I'm better than you, I pais $5,000 for this gold plated quarzt encrusted hickory stick, and you're so dirt poor you had to make your own out of a branch you found in the dirt". I am so sick of the tooty fruity Wiccan crap out there, that pretends to be magic arts when all it is is a glorified goddess religion that likes to put on mini stage acts for it's members!

Do I make my own wand? 

If you want a wand with any real power in it, you eaither make it yourself or have a fellow spell caster make it for you.

How do I make a wand? 

There is no right or wrong in wand making. Find a wand shaped object that speaks to you and than decorate it as fits your calling.

Can you make a wand for me? 

I can, yes. It's not something I do as a regular service, but it is something I have done from time to time. My type of wands are not for every one though. They fall under the classification of "Fairy Godmother" type wands. In otherwords, painting bright colored, rolled in glitter, stuck with rhinestones, and dripping in ribbons, sequins, fake flowers, and plastic jewels. They are very girly and scream of Barbie Super Princess Pink Girl Power.

What exactly does a wand do? 

It directs your energy. The wand itself has no power. It takes the power out of the hand which is holding it, and focuses it on an object.

How do I know if my wand is the right wand for me? 

You'll know. Believe me, when you pick up the wand that is right for you, you will just know: This is it!

How do I charge my wand?

The same way you charge any of your other magical tools. Every spell caster has their own method. Some use moonlight, some use sunlight, some leave it for a month and a day in a box of rock salt....what you do to charge your other magical tools, just do the same for your wand.

I wash my tools in the ocean to cleanse them. Rewash them in the spring feed brook to energize them. Than rub them down with a crystal/gemstone attuned to the intended purpose. Rose Quartz for love, Adventurine or Jade for money, Blue Lace Agate for peace and tranquility, etc. I then paint my wand in a corresponding color (pink of romantic love, lilac for gay love, red for passionate love, pale blue for marriage and reconciliation love, green for money, gold for luck, purple for wisdom, etc), dip it in glitter dust, decorate it with rhinestones, stick a corresponding fabric flower on the end, and tie silk ribbon streamers to it. When I put it away, I store it with other items charged to the same purpose as the wand.

What about a staff or a knife, do I need those too?

Any long skinny pointy object can be used same as a wand. I actually prefer staves to wands, but that's because I'm trained in the art of staff fighting, via being a flok herder, a result of having been raised on a farm, and using a staff to protect my flocks from cyottes and bear.


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