Thursday, May 17, 2012

FAQs: Do you have any Meditation Tips & Techniques?

I want to take up meditation. Do you have any Meditation Tips & Techniques you can share with me?

There are thousands of meditation methods and styles and I am afraid I am not well versed in any of them and really know very little about so-called "Meditation Tips & Techniques". I have never studied meditation on any level, so my advice on meditation is purely my own methods and not connected with any formal style or tradition and may or may not be what others do or recommend. That said, I will tell you what it is that I do and you can decide what to do from there.

First I like to choose a time when I know I will not be disturbed for several hours. My meditation sessions last from a few minutes to 7 or 8 hours. Generally I feel the longer the better, and if I do a meditation session less than an hour long it is generally because I was disturbed by someone. My life is such that I can usually take 2 to 4 hours a day for a meditation session 4 or 5 days a week.

Next set aside a regular time of day so that you can get into the habit of meditating at the same time each day. I personally find it best to meditate in the late afternoon or early evening, depending on the time of year. In the winter it gets dark by 3PM while in the summer it does not start getting dark until 9PM, so I set my meditation time by where the sun is in the sky, not by where the dail is on a clock. For me this means that most meditation sessions start about 4 or 5 hours before sunset. (And I use the setting sun as part of my meditating.)

I choose the place, depending on the weather. (I am homeless and having no house means where I am outside is dependent largely on how cold, hot, wet, dry, or windy the day may be.) I own a small plot of land (about 60 feet by 50 feet) on which sits my meditation garden. The land is surrounded by swamp and forest both of which are owned by one of Maine's largest RV park campgrounds, meaning there are acres of nothing but forest and trails all around me, and I have permission from the owner to use the parks land for my meditating and hiking. In my garden runs a brook, which stretches back for miles into the forest and feeds the Atlantic Ocean which sits on the opposite side of my garden. My places of choose for meditating are along this brook, on the shore of the ocean, at the edge of the swamp, or deep within the forest on the higher banks of the brook. In any case water, running water, flowing brook, or crashing waves, water is my "trigger" for getting into deep meditation. Listening to the water and the birds and the wind in the trees or dune grass, these are the sounds which help to clear my mind and empty it of all the stresses of the day so that I can relax and meditate.

Next I find a place to sit: a soft patch of moss, a tree stump, the sand, whatever, some place comfortable, where I can sit on my bum with my legs crossed, feet over my thighs and can just sit for several hours with my eyes closed and breathing in the fresh salty pine air.

Once settled in my spot, eyes closed, legs crossed, back straight. I take out a pen and paper and write down my daily mantra 15 times, to get it into my brain in a rhythm, than once it is flowing in my head, I close my eyes again and let it float through my mind until it reaches the point that it just disappears and my mind is empty of all thoughts and fears and worries.

A few of the things I have written down and meditated on where:

"I can relax, everything is okay. I can let go of worries. I can let go of fears. I give them to the Universe. I remove them from my life. I don't need them. I don't want them....I am the silver violet flame."

"I believe without a doubt that I will have every thing I want and need from life. I am the silver violent flame."

"I believe without a doubt that I am happy and have a wonderful life to look forward to. I am the silver violent flame."

"I believe without a doubt that I will be guided to the right situation at the right time. I am the silver violet flame."

"I believe without a doubt that every day in every way I am getting better and better. Life if good. I am the silver violent flame."

"I have everything I need to achieve my goals. I am the silver violet flame."

"I accept that my prayers have already been answered. I believe that everything will work out for the best. I am the silver violet flame."

So, you get the idea of my mantras, right?

I also like to use the following poem as a meditation mantra:

God sees me as a beautiful child of life.

God sees me as a beautiful soul.

God sees me as a divine light for the world to see.

God sees me as a purposeful and powerful person.

God sees me as a strong and courageous person.

God sees me as an intelligent person.

God sees me as love in motion.

God sees love.

God sees good.

God sees joy.

God sees peace.

Today I see myself as God sees me.

("God Sees Me" by Iyanla Vanzant)

But yeah, that's pretty much it. Just find a spot where you can sit and relax for several hours and than just sit and relax and empty your mind. More information on my meditation sessions can be found here:


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