Thursday, May 17, 2012

FAQs: Do your magic and hoodoo items come with instructions?

Do your magic and hoodoo items come with instructions? 

Some of them do. some of them don't. It depends on the item in question. As a general rule the following aplies:

General supplies (roots, shells, oils, powders, ect) do not come with instructions.

Crafted general purpose items (dolls, mojo bags, gris-gris balls, etc) come with basic minimal one paragraph instructions to the tune of: "This red doll can be used as part of love, revenge, hot footing, or luck drawing spells. To use, cut a slit in the back of the doll, pull out a bit of the stuffing, place your chosen herbs, roots, charms, curios, photos, petition papers, and personal concerns inside the doll. Stitch up the hole. Empower the doll as your spell directs, this may include dressing with oils, dusting with powders, smoking, smudging, or sprinkling the doll with holy water. Use the doll as directed in your spell, this may includ placing it in a box, on an altar, tossing it into a river, burying it in a graveyard or at a crossroads, sticking it with pins, nailing it to a coffin, placing it under your bed, or doing any of a number of other various things."

Crafted specific purpose items (Ezurli Love Doll, Love Drawing mojo bag, Shut the Fuck up gris-gris, etc) come with a "sample spell" to show one example of how you COULD use it. These are not considered hard and fast rules of use, but rather an example of one of the MANY ways you might want to use this item.

Spell Kits come with specific instructions for a "sample spell" to show one example of how you COULD use it, or rather how I would use this items contained in the kit were I doing the spellwork. These are not considered hard and fast rules of use, but rather an example of one of the MANY ways you might want to use this kit. Many people will want to use the spell kit with the spell included, and that's fine. It's also fine if you want to use it with a spell you already have, or to change, add, or remove parts of the spell which do not apply to your case. Again, this is fine. Remember a spell that work good, works even better when you change it to make it your own.

Custom items (dolls, bags, kits, ect.) created specifically for your case, include all the instructions needed to use said item in the manner which I would most recommend.

Custom spells cast by me on your behalf are always done two-fold under the beliefe that when two or more are gathered together, the results are much stronger. In other words, while I am doing the rootwork and spell casting on my end, you will also be doing your own spell casting on your end (lighting candles, dusting doorways, spiritial baths, etc. depending on the case in question). You will recieve specific instructions at the time of your consultation.


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