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FAQs: How long until I see results? (from your spells, rootwork, ect)

How long until I see results? (from your spells, rootwork, ect)

There is a saying amoung rootworkers which goes:

"If a work is going to be successful you will see signs within 3 days, movement within 3 weeks, with your final result within 3 months."

It seems to be a phrase growing in popularity, as I've seen more and more rootworkers saying it of late. I do wonder where they got this from, however, as Hoodoo typically AVOIDS doing things in 3s, and to thus to use 3 sets of 3 to describe Hoodoo outcomes is a bit odd. The number 3 if very Wicca (Tripple Goddess, Power of Three, ect). In Hoodoo 3s are typically seen as a bad omen and are to be avoided, except when doing negative work. In my experiance things work in 7s, 9s, 13s, and 458s, with 9 being the typical expectation. In magic any number times itself cancels out itself, thus the reason Hoodoo works in 9s, because 9 is the square of 3, in other words, 3 times 3 is 9 and 3 times itself not only cancels out the bad/negative energy of 3, but empowers it as one of the most powerful of all numbers 9. In other words the saying above SHOULD read as follows:

"If a work is going to be successful you will see signs within 9 days, movement within 9 weeks, with your final result within 9 months."

This is the way I have always heard the phrase, and I have only ever encountered the "3" version being quoted by students of Lucky Mojo. I am thus assuming that this, doing things by 3s, is yet another misconstrued misinformation being touted as fact by the owners of Lucky Mojo. I find it so odd, that Lucky Mojo has done such great work in getting info out there and spreading the word about Hoodoo, yet has been so careless so often, and spews out more misinformation than actual fact and more fairy tales than actual history.

Why would the numbers have been changed from their original and traditional 9, to the modern 3?

One, this is clearly a change that was brought into Hoodoo by someone who previosly practiced Wicca and was unaware that anything done in 3s is bad and bound for failure, when used in Hoodoo. Wiccan magic and Hoodoo magic should never be used together, because they are opposites and cancel each other out, thus making any spell combining the two, to be null and void. Why, you ask? Because Wicca is Witchcraft a Pagan tradition, and Hoodoo is a Witch Doctoring (the driving out of Witches) a Christian tradition. Hoodoo as a magic art was created in the 1400s with one purpose in mind: to confuse, confound, erase, obliterate, reverse, and drive out all witches and witchcraft out of Scotland. This is why Witchcraft focuses in casting curses and hexes, while Hoodoo focusing in reversing curses and hexes and hotting footing the witches out of town. And this is why no TRUE Hoodoo Witch Doctor will ever been seen or heard to be using spells to the tune of 3, nor recommending results in 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years. The Hoodoo view of Witches (and Wiccans) is that Witches are evil, witches must be cast out, and all things sacred to witches must be worked against, with 3 being on the top of the list, because 3 is the sacred number of Witches. No true Hoodoo Witch Doctor would ever promote, use, or make any claims using the number 3, and this is a sure fire way to tell if you are dealing with a real Rootworker or a tuttie-fruitie-wannabe that hasn't a clue what they are doing. Likewise, no Hoodoo rootworker will ever use Goddesses or any Pagan, Buddhist, Hindu, or other non-Christian deity in their work. True Hoodoo Rootworking Witch Doctor, do ALL of their work in the name of Jesus, always for the betterment of God and Church, usually with the help of Saints and armies of angels, nearly always with the Virgin Mary overlooking the work and ALWAYS with a Bible in hand and another Bible on their altar. Beware of any Rootworking using Pagan and or non-Christian deities, for they are NOT working Hoodoo no matter how much they tell you they are!

Two, this trend is seen elsewhere as well, for example 9-day candle spells are becoming rare, and new fangaled 3-day candle spells are cropping up, while 9-day bath rituals are now near non-existant, replaced by 3-day bath rituals instead. I asked a few of these rootworkers, why they stopped carrying 9-day products and began carrying 3-day products instead, and their answer was: the economy. What I had failed to notice was that there was no price change: a small 3-day candle was selling for the same price they had previously sold a large 9-day candle for, and the same held true for the bath salts. As it turns out, they had been forced to increase their prices, due to an increase in cost of supplies, but this resulted in a massive decrease in sales. So, to keep their customers coming back, they reverted back to the original prices, but now at 1/3 the size of the original product. While costumers where quick to notice the price increase, few noticed the fact that they were getting a 2/3 less product. And so, 3-day products began replacing 9-day products for reasons that had no spiritual or magical connections whatsoever. Again, you would not see these sort of changes being made by a real Hoodoo Rootworker. If you see rootworkers making these sort of changes you can be 100% sure of one thing: they are only in it for the money. As long as you pay them, they don't care about anything else. These are the same rootworkers who will do each ritual spell once, take a photo of it, than send the exact same photo to each client, while lying and telling the client they are receiving custom work, when in fact no work was done on their behalf at all! Beware of these money making Hoodoo mills. Look at what they are putting the most effort in promoting and you can usually tell: are they telling you to buy oils and powders on every page of their website, yet only mention they offer one on one rootwork in the bottom corner of one page you can't even find? Yeah, rootworkers sell oils and powders as a side business, sure, but they are rootworkers first, and you won't have to be asking: "Does this person do spellwork too or are they just reading cards and selling oils?"

Well, by tradition, the spell should start producing small results on the day the candle goes out: day #9. And for some reason, by changing the candles from 9-day to 3-day, these rootworkers assumed that changes the results from 9 days to 3 days as well. This logic is purly idiotic. 1/3 of a spell is going to equal 1/3 of the results, and 3 times the time til results show, not 3 times fewer! By cutting the spell by 2/3s, you have made it 2/3s slower, meaning it'll now take15 days, 15 weeks, and 15 months to see results. In any case, I have never personally seen results (either from my work or from other rootworkers work) which came about to the tune of: "If a work is going to be successful you will see signs within 3 days, movement within 3 weeks, with your final result within 3 months", and it apears to only be students of Lucky Mojo who say they get results in 3s."

Anyways, getting back to actually answering your question. It is difficult to say when you will see results. Results will vary greatly, from case to case, because there are a great deal of factors effecting each case. How much faith you have that the spell well work, has a huge effect on it. Protection and reversal spells tend to work faster than love and reconsiliation spells. Spells involving just the client tend to go faster than spells involving the client and another person, and the more people you add, the more time it takes. On the other hand, when two or more clients are working together (for example a couple hoping to get pregnent) the spell will often see results faster, because the faith of two people are empowering it. But to give an exact time, or even a garuntee that the spell will work 100% in a certain amount of days, is foolish folly and no real rootworker would ever give you an answer telling an exact date or ammount of days. In my own experiance I have found that in most cases one of the following formulars hold true:

"If a work is going to be successful you will see signs within 7 days, movement within 7 weeks, with your final result within 7 months."

"If a work is going to be successful you will see signs within 9 days, movement within 9 weeks, with your final result within 9 months."

"If a work is going to be successful you will see signs within 13 days, movement within 13 weeks, with your final result within 13 months."

"If a work is going to be successful you will see signs within 45.8 days, movement within 45.8  weeks, with your final result within 45.8 months. (That's a little under 4 years)"

What this tells the client (and you) is that spell work is not instant, nor is it fast. It can be, but it often isn't. Spells that give "instant results" are very powerful, but short lived. In other words a 3-day Follow Me Boy candle spell will likely get him to call you in 3 days, however, he still won't love you and in a week or so, he'll be gone once again. With spells like this you will find yourself having to redo the spell every few weeks, in order to keep him for good. Whereas a full blown Reconcilliation 30-Day Ritual Spells will often take 45.8 days before any hint of a sign shows up, and 45.8 months (4 years) to reach it's full potential and have him back at your side, but he'll be staying with you for good, he won't be leaving again in a few days. Once the spell is done, it's done, it will have brought him back for good and you won't need to keep reaching for quick fix instant spells every week or so, because you won't need another spell at all. Remember: slow and steady wins the race and patiance is a virtue.

What this all means is that the spells I do, take longer to manifest, but have longer lasting and more solid results, and are not quick fixes that work tonight and fizzle tomorrow. While the chaotic panic energy of an "instant" spell are very powerful, they are also short lived and are best reserved for crisis situations and therefor should be used only with protection and reversal spells, in conjunction with a more permenent but longer the see results Ring of Thorns 30-Day Ritual Protection Spell which has a deeper, longer lasting effect.

In short, the answer is every spell is different and ever case is different, and every client is different and therefor every result of every spell is likewise going to be different.


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