Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FAQs: I don't know how to cast spells. Are you able to cast spells for me?

I don't know how to cast spells. Are you able to cast spells for me?

Yes, but I don't do free spells, and I'm not cheap. Most of my spell services cost $458, simpler quick (and less powerful) spells cost $45.80, while my most advanced spells cost $1,458. Spell components and spell kits are also available, prices varying from $4.58, $14.58, $24.58, to $45.80.

I do not believe in "pre-made" or "one-size-fits-all" spells. In other words, every spell is different, no two spells are ever alike, each spell is custom made to match the situation and the client. For example, two clients come to me for a Reconciliation Spell, both will receive a totally different spell, different herbs, different stones, one may use pink ju-jus, the other may use red ju-jus, one may focus on clearing personal fear and blockages, the other may focus on hot footing a third person involved. You can't come to me and order a spell today, and expect the recieve that exact same spell again a few years from now, or even recommend it to your friend and expect them to get the same spell tomorriow, because I am a highly advanced spell caster who has no need to rely on pre-written spell recipes or formulars. I cast the spell you need and no two people will ever need the same spell.

If you are looking for somebody who works "by the book" and does the exact same spell each and every time they cast a Love Spell, than, I'm not the spell caster for you.

Know too, that I am a Witch Doctor, not a Witch.

Wiccans/Witches are Pagans.

Witch Doctors/Hoodoo Rootworkers are Christian.

Wiccans/Witches worship Goddess.

Witch Doctors/Hoodoo Rootworkers worship Jesus.

Wiccans/Witches call on spirits to cast spells.

Witch Doctors/Hoodoo Rootworkers call on saints and angels to undo witches' spells and exorcise demons.

A Witch Doctor, is not a Witch.

A Witch Doctor is a doctor who cures the spiritual illness known as witchcraft, spread by germs known as Witches.

I'm a Witch Doctor, not a Witch.

I'm a Christian, not a Pagan.

Know this now, before you order a spell cast from me. Know that all of my spell incantation start and end in Christ, and if you issues with using Jesus' name in spell-craft than you are going to have huge issues with a Jesus Freak like me. Don't say I didn't warn you, and don't come bitching to me after complaining that you didn't know you'd have to spend 30 days chanting praises to Jesus as part of this spell.

Know the kind of spell casting I do. Know that my spells are two-fold and you will be casting a spell on your end (using supplies I will send you) at the same time I am casting a spell on my end. Know what The 30 Day Ritual is, know that you must do The 30 Day Ritual for your spell it work, know that you must spend 30 days without meat, smoking, drinking, sex, or drugs, and know that if you can not abide by this than you are only wasting my time and your money.

Know that I use Enochain Alchemy and my spells call down the Grigory Angels to get the job done, and that they see and hear everything you do, say, or think and if there is even a hint of meat, smoke, alcohol, sex, or drugs on your personage, they will NOT come to your aid, they will not help you, and your spell will not work.

You have been warned. Don't buy my spell services and than come crying to me that it's too hard for you to keep up your end of the deal. 


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