Friday, May 18, 2012

FAQs: I have allergies. What was used to make the oils, powders, bath salts and other items?

Can you tell me what's in this product? I have allergies. What was used to make the oils, powders, bath salts and other items?

I'm sorry but I can not tell you the ingredients of these products even if I wanted to, for a very simply and quiet obvious reason actually: I did not make them, so I have no idea what went into them. If you have any concerns about allergies to oils, powders, or baths salts and soap, than do not use these products on your skin and REMEMBER regardless of anything else you use them at your own risk, because as stated many times they are sold as curios, not cures. Besides, you will never hear me telling you to put Hoodoo oils on your skin (even though I hear a lot of stories of people doing it, and even hear of people ingesting them, which just goes to show how stupid they are, because you never, ever, EVER eat a Hoodoo potion ever!). Hoodoo oils are used to bless candles and mojos and gris-gris and doll babies, any other use is not recommended.

Wait, what do you mean you don't make them? How come?

Nope, I do not make my own oils, powders, soaps, candles, or bath salts. And this will come as no surprise to those who are actually familiar with my work, and know that I do not offer for sale any oils, powders, etc. I provide services as a general rule, and the products I do sell are Voodoo Dolls/Doll Babies, Jack Balls, Mojo Bags, Gris-Gris, Clouties, Honey Jars, Witch Bottles, Spirit Bottles, Mirror Boxes, Icon Paintings, and Sea Curios (shells, pebbles, glass, drift wood, etc, which I collect here on Old Orchard Beach, where I live). You see the trend in the supplies I sell right? They are items made of cloth, wood, and clay - not oils, powders, or herbs.

I am a rootworker not a retailer. I work with clients. I read cards. I read spirit boards. I read pendulums. I read stones. I read shells. I read crystal balls. I do exorcisms and casting out of demons, ghosts, and goblins. I bless and cleanse houses, people, pets, cars, and anything else you want blessed. I remove curses, hexes, and evil eyes. I'm Witch Doctor, Honey, I drive out Witches and undo their work against you. I specialize in Protection, Hot Footing, Uncrossing, Luck Drawing, and Reconciliation spells. I do altar work for clients and I use Voodoo Dolls/Doll Babies, Jack Balls, Mojo Bags, Gris-Gris, Clouties, Honey Jars, Witch Bottles, Spirit Bottles, Mirror Boxes, Icon Paintings, Affirmations, Paper Petitions, and Sea Curios to do it. I use all sorts of oils, powders, and candles in my work, but that don't mean I have time to make them.

Why do I not offer for sale ritual oils and the like? Because I do not make the. Why? Because it's not my area of expertise. Spell casting is my strong suit. I've been making Hoodoo Dolls since 1978. Dolls are my specialty. Doll spells is the area where I am one of the world's top experts in. 

But why does my not making my own oils shock you? There is no rule that says I am required to make the supplies I use in my work. And there is no reason to be shocked by this fact either, as it is actually quite a rare phenomena to come across a professional, full time rootworker who makes their own oils and powders. In fact, it is so rare, that virtually every rootworker out there who does do both, is a student of Lucky Mojo. 

Funny that. Lucjy Mojo is a strange sort of school, telling you they are the know all end all of Hoodoo, and yet, very few actual long time pre-Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootworkers do ANYTHING Lucky Mojo says we do. Strange really. I mean one one hand it's good thing, the way Lucky Mojo is teaching new folks about Hoodoo and how to be rootworkers and all, but on the other hand it's frustrating and infuriating all the new age fairy tale mumbo jumbo Lucky Mojo preaches as actual facts, and even more infuriating when graduate students of Lucky Mojo start spouting off the same silly made up historically inaccurate "facts and rules of Hoodoo" nonsense as though they were the top authority on all things Hoodoo. They talk about how great they are because they studied at the Lucky Mojo school, but than in the same breath they spew nonsense as facts and do nothing but prove how ignorant they are of anything Hoodoo at all. All they have to do is describe what they think Hoodoo is, for you to know they don't know a thing about Hoodoo. 

Test them, by asking them this simple question: "What is Hoodoo?" If they answer with anything that suggests that Hoodoo is "an African American folk magic" you right off the bat they are only quoting Lucky Mojo bullcrap and haven't got a clue what Hoodoo is, because Honey, there ain't no Hoodoo in Africa and there ain't no Africa in Hoodoo. Do your research Sugardoll, and yoou won't be wearing that graduate of Lucky Mojo badge so proudly when it hits you you wasted $400 to be spoon feed shovlefulls of lies. I'm sorry, but just because Lucky Mojo told you it was so, doesn't make it true, in fact, chances are pretty high that if you got the information from Lucky Mojo, there's probably not an once of truth in it at all. Don't belive everything Lucky Mojo says, in fact better yet, don't believe a word Lucky Mojo says. Just because Lucky Mojo told you us rootworkers make our own oils, doesn't mean they know shit about what we do or do not do.

Hoodoo Witch Doctors and Rootworkers are very community based in their practice, knowing that not everybody is an expert in everything, and that anyone who tries to be an expert in everything, becomes an expert in nothing. That is why traditionally rootworkers don't do everything, and why they buy their oils from oil makers, and their candles from candle makers, their soaps from soap makers - because they are spell casters and are experts in the art of spell casting, and they focus their time and energy fully to casting said spells. It's not the rootworker's job to make the oils and soaps and candles, that job is for people who are experts in those things. Why do you think there are curio shops? Curio shops are not meant to sell oils and powders to the general public, they were meant to sell oils and powders to the spell casters who use the oils and powders to make your doll babies and mojo bags for you. A Hoodoo Root Doctor doesn't need to know how to make the oils, because it's not their job to make the oils, it is their job however to know how to use the oils. This is the way Hoodoo had been done for over 600 years, so don't go letting students of Lucky Mojo tell you otherwise.

If you don't make your supplies, than where do you get them from?

I'm sorry, but I can not divulge to you who specifically my suppliers are. I can tell you that they are many, and that all of the oils, powders, baths, soaps, washes, etc are hand made by fellow rootworkers, not mass produced. When I say they are many, I mean that I buy some oils from one rootworker, some from another, powders from this rootworker, baths from that rootworker. Many of my supplies come from rootworkers who make oils and such, but do not offer spell casting services, and only offer their supplies up for sale to rootworkers like myself who do spellcasting but do not make the oils and other materials used.

All of my bar soaps come from only one supplier, who hand makes loaves out of goats milk and natural oils. The loafs are hand poured into wooden molds and then hand cut, thus why they have a ragged jagged look to the edges and a rippled wave texture to the top sides of them. The person is a soapmaker, not a rootworker, and does nothing but make lots of these little bars of natural soaps, which I special order from them.

The only exception to this is candles, which may or may not have been handmade or mass produced. Since I do my own candle "fixing" it makes no difference to me or the spell work in question, whether the candles are handmade or not. I choose candles based on the energy vibrations they give off when I touch them. Some candles are bought at local Dollar Stores, some from farmers markets, some online off Etsy or other rootworkers sites. I get candles from all over the place.

Can I ask, do you buy supplies from Lucky Mojo? You mention them often but sometimes I get the impression you don't like them, other times you seem to think they are wonderful, what gives with that?

Yes, in fact I do. Lucky Mojo, in spite of the bad reputation it's arrogant students give it's school, is one of the best suppliers of some of the highest quality Hoodoo supplies out there. The items are semi-mass produced in that they have a whole team of employees making their products, but they are still being handmade in small batches, just lots of them, by lots of people.  Lucky Mojo is doing a huge world of good by attempting to preserve the "lost art" of Hoodoo. Fact is, Hoodoo is a dying art and a lot a young folks these days have no interest in taking it up from their grannies. Traditionally Hoodoo is passed down from grandmother to granddaughter, with it's secrets closely guarded and fiercely protected. Often information given to interviewers and folklorists (such as Hyatt) is deliberately inaccurate, told to the interview wrong, in order to protect the "family secrets". That is where Lucky Mojo runs into trouble with it's school, because nearly everything they teach is based 100% on the HUGELY INACCURATE writings of Hyatt. Inaccurate because #1 the grannies he talked to only gave him half truths to protect their secrets, #2 they could barely speak a word of legible English and much of what Hyatt wrote was hit and miss guessing, and #3 being descendants of the African slaves, not descendants of the Scottish rootworkers, they didn’t know what they were doing to begin with! Granted Hyatt only wrote what he was told, but rootworkers of the 1930s were well known for not telling Hyatt "the truth" leaving out vital bits of information in spell workings, for the intent of not allowing spells cast from Hyatt's writings, to work, thus preserving the need for people to come to the rootworker. Lucky Mojo however runs on the belief that the writings of Hyatt are "good enough" as they are, and that the spells are usable just as Hyatt wrote them down, when in fact, they are not. Yes, the students of Lucky Mojo get results from using Hyatt's spells, however, they are not getting the mind blowing amplified results that those old granny rootworkers were famous for. The other problem is, Hyatt in his ignorance, never bothered to do his research about the history of Hoodoo, and how the illiterate non-native-English-speaking African Americans of his hometown came to learn Hoodoo, an art which they barely understood, and were hardly able to speak about properly due their not know how to even speak English in a legable manner. Instead, Hyatt simply assumed that "Oh, they must have brought it with them from Africa, so that's what I'll tell people in my book" and left it at that. Had he headed north and interviewed the WHITE Scottish Rootworks of New England and Eastern Canada, he would have learned some vastly different facts about Hoodoo, been given far more accurate spells, and not had to bend over backwards trying to figure out what they were trying to say, seeing as they actual spoke English and knew what the words they were saying ment.

Fact is, Hoodoo is a adjective with means "haunted", as in Hoodoo Hill, Hoodoo Valley, Hoodoo Mountain, aka Haunted Hill, Haunted Valley, Haunted Mountain. Scotland is full of them, and they where given these names, not hundreds, but thousands of years ago. To Hoodoo, a verb, means to communicate with the spirit world. In the 1400s Scotland was rife with Witch Doctors Hoodooing in order to uncover who was a witch and should be burned at the stake for it. A Hoodoo Dollie is a doll with captures the spirit of a Faerie, Brownie, or other type of Little People to compel them to do work for you, usually to help you determine which house contained a witch in need of burning - dolls were often set fire to and tossed in the house to burn it and the witch inside, while the Faeries stood guard outside and refused to allow the inhabitants out. Gris-Gris were known as Witching Balls, those big glass balls you set out in your garden or hang from your front porch; they were made with spotted swirl colors or mirrored glass in order to confuse, confound, and reverse the curses and hexes of witches. Very little of what folks refer to as "African American folk magic" originated in Africa, in fact the ONLY part of Hoodoo that comes out of African tradition is the use of black cat bones, chicken feet, dove's blood, and other animal parts. Animals are protected by the Faeries and harming, killing, or offending an animal is to bring down the wrath of the Faeries upon your head, and as such, no one practicing unadulterated Hoodoo would EVER use bones, body parts, or other remains of a dead animal in their work. Killing animals to please the gods is a distinctly African belief system and has no place in actual Hoodoo.

The problem I have with Lucky Mojo's school is not the fact that they blatantly, willfully, and KNOWINGLY teach misinformation about the history of Hoodoo and falsely promote Hoodoo as an African American folk magic, but rather the students of Lucky Mojo themselves, who are so idiotic stupid that they haven't got enough brains to do any REAL research and find out that what they are being told by Lucky Mojo is nothing but a load of hooey meant as a marketing scheme to promote scaring students into buying Lucky Mojo products! Students come out of Lucky Mojo, quoting marketing gimmick crap as though it was hard fact! Their conversations become rife with misunderstanding and it is becoming clearer and clearer that these people are just repeating the misinformation they are getting from websites owned by Lucky Mojo. They can't get it through their heads that Lucky Mojo is a store, whose owners will do, say, write, and teach ANYTHING true or false, that will help to boost the sale of their products! The school is a marketing scam, which forces students to buy $400 in Lucky Mojo products prior to becoming a student and another $1,000 or so in Lucky Mojo brand products to stay a student while taking the online classes. To remain a student in good standing (and keep their certification status) they must continue to purchase no less than 4 $100 orders from Lucky Mojo every year for the rest of their life, AND pay Lucky Mojo $100 a year to remain on it's list of "recommended" rootworkers, at Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers, an organization which, oh look, is owned by Lucky Mojo and only accepts members who have graduated from it's school. But let's not end there, of the 300+ websites online about the history of Hoodoo, how many do you think are owned by Lucky Mojo and are nothing more than great big giant advertisements for their products? EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

Lucky Mojo is run by a marketing guru and advertising specilist who knows how to do and say WHATEVER IT TAKES to make a sale, including to make up fake histories which falsely state that Hoodoo is an African American folk magic, complete with made up false histories to "prove" their lies.  But as I said, the problem here is not Lucky Mojo or it's massive marketing scem full of historical decit and lies, because let's face it, lying to the public to trick them into buying goods, is what every single add campaign is all about: just look at cigerrett ads if you want proof of that! No, the problem is the idiots who can't tell the differance between historical evidance and a damn good fake history created by a marketing team to convinse you to buy their product! Lucky Mojo is no different from any other coorperation out there looking to make a buck off the suckers of the world. It's these modern day new age neo-pagan so-called rootworkers who are running around requoting everything Lucky Mojo says as though it was fact, that are the problem. "What is Hoodoo? Oh, well, Hoodoo is an African American folk magic....blah, blah, blah...and I know this to be true because cat of Lucky Mojo told me it was." Yep. Go get yourself a kick up side the head and when you got the shit out of your head, go buy yourself a brain, put it in your head, and than try using it, you know to think, and research, and learn the truth and the facts about what Hoodoo REALLY is and how different REAL Hoodoo is from the bull crap cat wants you to believe. You can't blame cat for trying to sell her product, she just doing what all curio shop owners do: telling a tall tale to make you want to buy her goods. Heck they don't call curio shop owners "snake oil peddlers" for nothing you know! cat is only doing what every other snake oil peddler before her has ever done. The problem is that people attending her school and reading her website can't tell the difference between a load of made up hooey and actual facts, and they are now building masses of websites and blogs which do nothing but spew out Lucky Mojo's marketing lies as fact!

So, to answer your question, yes I do buy and use Lucky Mojo products, no I've got no problem with Lucky Mojo or cat or her questionable marketing methods, yes, I do have huge issues with folks who are so idiotic that they read cat's words and assume she has the slightest idea what the heck she is talking about. I am just so fed up with the self righteous arrogant think they know it all students that come out of the Lucky Mojo Correspondence School, who a running around spreading a pack of lies about Hoodoo claiming it is an African American folk magic, when there ain’t nothin African American about Hoodoo, and there never was.


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