Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FAQs: Question about honey jars. Do I have to use a glass jar? I paid a spell caster to do one for me and she did it in a small specimen cup made of plastic. Will this work?

Question about honey jars. Do I have to use a glass jar? I paid a spell caster to do one for me and she did it in a small specimen cup made of plastic. Will this work?

When doing a honey jar yourself, you use what you have available, because you are not a professional with a well stocked suppliy chest. What you use to make a spell ALWAYS effects the outcome of the spell. Plastic is never as powerful as glass.

I seriously question the spell caster you paid. The sloppy manner in which she made your honey jar suggests two things:

1) She doesn't give a damn about the professional quality of her work and is not putting much effort into petitioning the spirits on your behalf, indicating that she is a scam artist, who knows the laws well enough to know that spell casters are REQUIRED BY LAW to give the client a physical item as proof the work was done, and so bought herself the cheapest materials she could find so she would have something to give you. This is an indication that she has in the past been questioned by the Better Business Burea on grounds of unethical practices.


2) She has no idea what she is doing, because she it too young, too new to magic arts, and too inexperianced. Give her a few years to practice on others, than return to her to see if she's become more knowledgeable and professional.

In either case her work was shoddy and you should have someone else do your work for you in the future. When you do work for others, it is in your best interests as a professional, to use only professional supplies. Think of it this way: if you use garbage for your supplies, you'll get garbage for your results. Better supplies = better results.


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