Thursday, May 24, 2012

FAQs: What is the link between magic spells and the pentagram shape? Should I be using it in my spell casting?

What is the link between magic spells and the pentagram shape? Should I be using it in my spell casting?

There is none.

The pentagram is a symbol that was used by the ancient Egyptians, who put it over the doorways inside of tombs. It is a symbol with when read in Egyptian hyrogliphics means "the underworld", which is the equivilant of the Christian concept of Heaven. Because the word literally means "The Underworld" Christians often assume it is another word for Hell, thus how and why many Christians call it a "Satanic symbol".

In the 1930s Satan Worshipers (members of the Church of Satan) began to use it as their symbol, based on inaccurate information they had about it (they assummed the Christians actually knew what they were talking about when they called it a Satanic symbol). The founders of Wicca (Alester Crowley and Gerald Gardener) were both former Black Mass leaders in the Church of Satan, prior to their leaving the Church and founding their own religion (in 1953) which they named "Wicca". They brought mant elements of Satanism with them to their newly invented religion, including pentagrams. This Wicca had no goddess worship, was not nature based, and was largely centered on one male leader, with 12 female preistess, haveing as much "ritual sex" as possible, in between channeling the dead. In stead of worshiping the Christian deity Satan, they worshiped the Norse deity, "The Horned God".

Spiral Dance Wicca was founded in the 1970s, and is the floaty fluffy bunny Nature Goddess Paganism, which most people think of today, when they think of Wicca. It was started by a woman who was abhored by the blatent Christian Satanism she saw in Wicca, had a "vision" about the way Wicca was "in ancient times", and created a completly new type of Wicca which centered on Goddess worship, environmentalism, and Celtic & Druid festivals. For some inexplicable reason, she brought the pentagram with her, when she created this new form of Wicca, claiming that the pentagram was a symbol of protection and should be used to protect spell casters from attracting evil entities when casting spells.

The pentagram has nothing to do with magic and everything to do with religion, so if you are not a member of the Church of Satan, Crowly Wicca, Gardenerian Wicca, or Spiral Dance Wicca than there is absolutly no reason whatso ever for you to use a pentagram in your sell casting, because when it comes to magic, the pentagram means absolutly nothing.


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