Thursday, May 17, 2012

FAQs: Why do you use glitter on - everything? Is there a reason behind it? Is it a preference thing? Should I be doing this in my own work?

Why do you use glitter on - everything? Is there a reason behind it? Is it a preference thing? Should I be doing this in my own work?

I put glitter on my candles, my poppet dolls, my saint icons, my mojo bags, my gris-gris, and you ask if you should do it to. Well, let's see...

I painted my Volvo with glue, sprinkled countless jars of glitter on it, than covered every inch of it with rhinestones.

I wear sequined ball gowns, capes, and rhinestone trimmed mink coats - every day - all day, even when tilling the garden, shoveling manura, or shoveling snow.

The walls of my motorhome are papered with foam glitter sheets, and my curtains and bedding are made out of tinsle fur fabrics.

My Bible was dipped in glue and rolled in a bowl of glitter.

I take shaker jars of glitter dust and dust it in my hair every morning when I get up.

I take those same jars of glitter and dump them in my bath water.

To put it bluntly, yes, I do put glitter on everything, you just were not aware of how much everything, the word everything really ment when you said it. Why? I like glitter. Plain and simple. Glitter makes me happy. I see glitter, I think happy thoughts. Glitter is fun. Glitter says life is good, heck, life isn't just good, life is great! So yeah, I put glitter on everything, including spell work I do for you. You want to put glitter on your stuff? Great, you do that. But only do it if you want to, don't do it because you feel you have to or because you think you should just because someone else does.


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~Rev. Wendy C. Allen aka Empress EelKat of Laughing Gnome Hollow


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