Thursday, May 17, 2012

FAQs: Why don't you use a black cat bones or chicken's feet or doves eyes like other rootworkers do?

Why don't you use a black cat bones or chicken's feet or doves eyes like other rootworkers do?

There are multiple answers to this. But first let's look at this from the persepective of rootworkers who DO use these items. For starters they are not doing Traditional Scottish Hoodoo. Taking a life to get something you want is not a part of Traditional Hoodoo. What you are referancing is in fact part of Hatian Voodoo loa sacrifical ritual. You often see New Orleans Style Hoodoo using these items, because they have taken Scottish Hoodoo and mixed it all up with Hatian Voodoo. Killing black birds is an African tradition, which the slaves of the "old South" brought with them and continued to do in the Americas. Hoodoo in it's purest form, uncorrupted by African traditions, has no killing of anything, black feathered, black furred or otherwise. Hoodoo is a Scottish Faerie tradition very similar in nature to Welsh Faerie Faith, and as such hold a high reverance for life, be it plant, animal, or human. To take a life is to call down the rath of the Faeries and is never wise, and therefeor is NEVER used in TRUE Traditional Hoodoo.

You must remember that I am Scottish. Some of my family came to Maine from Nova Scotia and others came direct from Scotland. I live in a region that is 99.9% white, with the .01% being Native American. They are no "black" people in the area, and there is no Southern influance on our Hoodoo Traditions. We practice Hoodo in an uncorrupted form, straight as it came to America from Scotland, and as such we practice a form of Hoodoo VASTLY different from the much changed, adapted, interpreted, converted, and translated form of Hoodoo found in African American, Old South, or New Orleans Hoodoo. Now I'm not saying that there is anything wrong or less valid about these modern style Hoodoo traditions, I am simply pointing out, that they are different styles of Hoodoo, and that is why you see other rootworkers doing things which none of us Scottish rootworkers would ever even consider doing. We do what was taught to us and passed down to us through Scottish traditions since the 1400s, while the other rootworkers you are dealing with are doing a much altered version which was created in the late 1700's by the African slaves of the Scottish landowners. The African American Style is different because the slaves who created it had little understanding of the English language or the hows and whys behind the things they saw the white folk doing, thus they created their own version of Hoodoo by "filling in the blanks" with traditions they brought with them from Africa. And that is where you see the addition of items such as black cat bones and chicken's feet, for the slaves could not understand why the white folks were doing magic without these things.

It's a simple matter of doing your research and learning your history.

You ask why I do not use items which other rootworkers use? The simple answer is this: they are doing one type of Hoodoo tradition and I am doing another.

The other reason of course being: I am EelKat, founder of the Proctor and Gamble Boycott, and well, if you don't know what that means, than Honey, you have absolutely no idea who the heck you are talking to! I'm not just AN animal rights activist, I am THE animal rights activist: I created the modern day animal rights movement, I'm the one who got the words "Not tested on animals" on your bottle of shampoo.


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