Thursday, May 17, 2012

FAQs: working with Faeries...How do I do it?

This is an old post bringing it over from Laughing Gnome Hollow where it was originally posted, about a year or so ago, when I did not yet have a motorhome so mention of this is here. What you are about to read is the longest blog post I had ever written, which tops out at a whopping 23,000+ words:

Here is a HUGE question, I'm just going to paste the whole question here and than answer it:

So here is the deal. I am wanting to do some faerie magic with my circle in the next coming week or so, but I am completely unfamiliar with it. I have always had my reservations about the fae due to stories my grandmother used to tell me, BUT I used to have some dealings with them as a child (I would ask for their protection while playing in a stream without any adult supervision that my friend and i would frequent, and we would leave them little gifts in return before running off, and the gifts would always be gone upon our return, lol i know it sounds stupid, but i didn't want them to be mad at us for playing int their stream, and i wanted them to sort of watch over us because I just *knew* they were there.), any ways a girl in the circle i started has been having dreams about being invited to join our circle with theirs, and I have been getting signs myself that we might actually be invited to do something with them... I'm just not really sure of what to do. I was really anxious and apprehensive about it at first, but the more i think about it, the more excited i get, and I know that if we don't accept their invitation they will be offended... I just haven't really been able to find anything that seems suitable... most of what i have found are spells to see the fae, but i think that if they are already sort of making contact, that they will probably show themselves if they want to...

lol, ok, So i guess my question is, do you have any suggestions on faerie magic, or rituals that would be good for a first time in actively working with the fae? It actually isn't a new circle, or new people either. We have all known eachother for a few years, and they would ocasionally ask if we could do a circle together, and/or if I could do readings, banishings, and/or make contact with loved ones for them, and eventually it just evolved from being a few people who were curious and wanting to get involved or learn about  wicca, to me working with them both individually and as a group to where we are now ...

I have been working with one of them on her dreams because I just had a feeling about it, and she is the one who had the dream... I always use caution in everything I do. I never plan anything for the circle without doing it or altering it myself beforehand to make sure things work out correctly. Being clairvoyant has made me a very cautious person, and often aprehensive of working with beings I have little to no experience with, and the things I personally know of the fae are why I was originally aprehensive. I just don't think any of us would like it very much if we unintentionally offended them, but I have had in depth conversations about being careful around the fae with all the members of my circle, and I am now confident in my group, and their understanding. I just was not sure where to go from there. Although I have been doing this for a couple of years in a group setting, I still don't really consider myself a leader, and therefore like suggestions, and/or feedback from other people. I've been solitary my whole life, so while I have been doing this with the same group for quite a while now, in comparison it is still new to me and I am still getting used to it.I actually learned a lot from my grandmother who would tell me stories about them that her mother used to tell her, just to try and convince me that my great grandmother was crazy(one for instance was how the earl king was actually behind the whole changeling movement, and he tricked people into killing their own children because he was angry with their parents because of the way they treated the fey). once she realized that i didn't think it was crazy she stopped telling me. I also have a few books on traditional Irish faerie tales and folklore, and i know a few Irish catholic beliefs about the Fae as well. When i said i was unfamiliar with it, i meant the magical aspect of working with them, not the Fae themselves. I'm not just wanting to jump in blind here, I don't know why people keep making that assumption, but the only way to familiarize your self with a particular type of magic is to study and practice it. There is only so much studying one can do before actually doing.

Their personalities are actually precisely why i was apprehensive of working with them in the first place, but I also know that when they ask something of you, you should never refuse simply because of their "tempers". They can be great, or awful, it just depends upon their mood (which can change very quickly) and if you offer them the correct courtesy, or gifts... well i suppose it also depends upon which type, some just seem to be grumpy...

As far as them being tricksters, i have no issue with them, i have learned that most "tricksters" are just looking for a little fun, and we just may not quite get the joke.   

I just haven't been able to find any books on working with the Fae, or faerie magic that didn't seem... well they just weren't appropriate for what i was looking for.Lol sorry, I am not always the clearest person. I do tend to sort of talk in circles and sometimes even annoy myself because most communication issues do tend to lie with me.  

But yes you have it right, though in the dreams our circle is being invited, they specifically asked her to bring everyone. I think they chose her to communicate through simply because she doesn't have any predisposition towards them (negative or positive).

At first I was wary of either agreeing to it, or refusing, but over the last few weeks the more I have thought about it the moor I think inviting the whole circle is some sort of sign of good faith... I'm not quite sure how to explain it. I just wouldn't want anyone in the circle to do something like this alone, mainly because of their inexperience, and if they were to need help, or something were to go wrong they wouldn't have any idea of what to do since they are all so relatively new to this path... Sorry for all the confusion!I will definitely be very gracious and careful, and have already been talking to others about do's and dont's and promises and such. We have all been thinking of things to give as presents as well. So far we were thinking honeyed milk, some sweets from all of us, and some personal gifts for them as well...I am a jewelry designer/ metalurgist, so I was thinking of making a set of small dishes cups and bowels out of copper or brass, maybe teaching some of the girls how to as well... or if anyone can't think of anything letting them look through all of my jewelery supplies and make something...

I really want to make the dish set! Lol ! when I wa younger I  would leave honeyed milk and little faerie cakes in acorn caps, or little furniture and cloths made out of twigs, vines and flowers. Hahaha it is definitely bringing back memories!about the blood ties, how can people have blood ties with the fae? I have heard of it before (my great grand mother was convinced we had blood ties to the fae, and that was why certain women in the family were spiritually sensitive, or had visions) but i guess i have always thought of it as Celtic superstition, or kind of like an old wives tale to explain psychic phenomenon in people. Thank you to anyoone who actually reads this whole thing and replies! lol i am a little scatterbrained at the moment so i apologize for being all over the place!?

Okay...there was the question. Here is my answer:

Yes, you are all over the place and running around in circles here, no worries though, I tend to do the same thing myself. Helps me think better if I scatterbrain things out as they pop into my head. Most of the articles and books I write, I write this way that spend days sifting through it all to get it in the right order before I can publish it. But you know, it's all cool. So, Let's see what I can tell you here...

Okay, you seem to have some understanding of the difference between Faerie and Fairy, but are you 100% sure your circle does? I mean REALLY? And, in fact do you even know the REAL dangers you are dealing with here?

A few of the common side effects of working with Faerie Magic are: abductions, unexplained pregnancies, fetus harvesting, spirit possession, poltergeist attacks on your house, physical bruises-slash marks-cuts-scars appearing on your body, nightmares of your children being kidnapped (even if you have no children), friends-relatives-aquaintances dropping dead of "acts of God" (being hit by lightening, a tree limb falling on them, etc)... this is not a game. What you are attempting to do, is the single most dangerous form of "dark" "black" magic there is, and no ammount of saying "I'm a white witch, I harm none." is going to make a damn bit of difference once you start working with the big time hard ass Faeries. This is "Familar Magic" at it's absolute darkest, and you can make "white witch" excusses all you want, this is still, the blackest form or blacl magic out there.

You are crossing over to a very dark side and know that once you invite these creatures into your life: there IS NO TURNING BACK. You can't say to them: "Oh I'm sorry I changed my mind." because they'll very likely kill your entire family the next day by causing the car to go skiding off a bridge into the river. To the world it'll look like just an unfortunate accident, but to the Faeries, it's justice for your betrayal. This is not safe magic and if you want to practice only safe "white" magic, than back away now - don't even take that first step.

I want you to take my answer, this whole long wordy thing, print it up, and give a copy of it to each and every member of your group. You want them to be afraid. You want them to be very afraid. You want them to be scared shitless out of their minds. Why? Because if they are not afraid of Faeries, than they are idiots and have no business attempting Faerie Magic on any level.

You admit to haveing a fear and aprehension of Faeries. You should be scared. Faeries are scary creatures and when they are done with you, they won't think twice about killing you. Know this. Know right now, before you cross the line, that you are stepping onto a very dangerous path, and it is a path with only one way signs on it: you can come in, but they won't ever let you go out. Faerie Magic is a point of no return.

Who am I? How do I know these things? Google me. I'm very famous. I am the world's top authority on dealing one on one, face to face with Water Faeries. I write papers and give letures on this stuff. I have been working with Faeries since 1978. This is what I do for a living. While magic and writing and art and Hoodoo are the "official titles" of what I do...the base, the taproot, is Faeries. This is my full time career. I am a channel and medium and Faeries are who I contact. I'll tell you what I do and I'll tell you what I know. I'll also tell you that if you or anyone in your group is going into this in a non-serious, joking, type manner thinking of it as a game - that person needs to not particapate in your contact. There are no Disney Fairies here, it's never fun and games, Faeries have claws and fangs, they are brutal, dogmatic, and violent, and Honey, most Faeries eat Human flesh, so you really need to stop and think about what you are doing here, and you really need to advice your group on the dangers and make sure they are 100% sure they want to do this.

First off, Faerie Magic is vastly different from Fairy Magic, so be sure you know what you are getting into here.

Fairy Magic tends to be "safe" while Faerie Magic is one of the most dangerous forms of "dark" or "black" magic you could possibly attempt to work with. Fairy Magic works with ONLY the happy, peaceful, helpful, small, fluttery, garden gnomish and flower fairy type Fae.

Faerie Magic works with all the rest, including trolls, red caps, demons, kelpies, gargoles, bogies, merrows, silkies, sirens, far-darrigs, poltergiests, harpies, pixies, nixies, spiggans, boggals, and even the fearsome blood thirsty and violently deadlyiest fae of all: Phookas.

Faeries ARE NOT what most people think they are!

This is very important for you to understand BEFORE you begin: they are very, very, very, very dangerous creatures, who commonly wear red, not because they like the color red, but because they like slaughtering humans and bathing fully clothed in human blood.

You mentioning Trickers, and the way you mentioned them, tells me that you believe Trickers to be a type of Faerie. Honey I must stop you and correct you on this right now: ALL FAERIES ARE TRICKSTERS!!!! Some are just playful pranksters who will not INTENTIONALLY hurt you and others are downright sadistist and will take great delight in tormenting you for decades. But regardless of their INTENT to not hurt you ALL FAERIES are deadly as they do not understand the concept of death and even a harmless Faerie will kill without realizeing they have caused any harm at all. So PLEASE when contacting Faeries, consider them ALL to be HIGHLY DEADLY and work with extreme caution! This can not be over stated enough.

You want to start small: contacting Faerie races known to be mostly harmless. You want to think of them as though you are dealing with a wild Grizzly bear. It has the power to slaughter you, but if you walk by gentle and quiet, doing nothing to frightening it, it'll leave you alone and watch you as you go about your business. Faeries are like wild animals: they frighten easily, and when frightened they do two things: attack and run. Some will just run. Some will attack first and than run. Some will feel cornered and attack over and over again not realizing they have the option to run. Like animals their mental states are often that of a small child, and though an adult hhundreds of years old, they may act with the mentality of a 2 year old child. Because of their altered mental state, they are very chaotic and unpredictable and this is why great caution must be used around Faeries. You need to convince them, they can trust you.

Trust is a big thing when working with Faeries. If they trust you, you can trust them. Gaining that trust, however is a long and slow process. You made need to have contact with them several times over and over again, possibly for many years, before this trust is fully established. The Far-Darrig I work with, I was in contact with for 13 years before he let his guard down and stopped apearing under a cloak of Glimmer and I saw what he REALLY looked like for the first time, and it was another 2 years after that before I found out his name. The thing which made the difference was, I had something he really, really wanted: a 1964 Dodge 330 4-door sedan car in metalflake orange paint and bright blood red shag interior, my pride and joy and most beloved possession, and he wanted it. It was the car that kept bringing him out in the open - he would walk around the thing touching every inch of it (he's a very touchy feeling Faerie, something you need to be prepared for in case yours is too - they will touch everything - from the top of your hair to the bottom of your toes - this type touches rocks and trees and plants as the walk around too - it's almost as though they are listening to them with their hands if you watch their slow methodic movments).

Five years after first contact I parked the car out in the swamp and he moved into it, making it his home. After this contact with him became much easier. The 13th year however saw my life turned upside down when my best friend was murdered and I found his chopped up body. My ability to deal with the situation was far from well, and I went out into the swamp and sat in the car for days. This was the pivotal turning point, that saw the Far-Darrig declare himself my guardian and protector, drop all of his Glimmer Spells (no more appearing as monkeys and owls either) and reveal not only his real (somewhat baddly deformed) self, but also a serious careing gentle (and oddly non-trickster) side to his nature. Before this point he was wild, his antics were hazardous, he was prone to throwing sticks at people, he love prone to sneaking into houses and terrifying people with polter attacks, he took great pleasure in pushing people off cliffs into the Saco River (often unitentionally causeing their deaths and is the reason locals tell the tale of "The Saco River Curse") - and for the first 13 years of contact this wild crazy trickster was the only side of him I knew. And yet in the later years of contact now reveal that the trickster act was more of a show, a bluff, a way to protect himself, as at 4 feet tall, Humans tower over him in frightening levels and he felt the need to make as much trouble as possible to make people afraid of him and thus ptotect himself by causing them to leave him alone.

The difference between the first 13 years of contact and the 20+ years of contact later, was trust. The trickster activities were triggered by fear, and became less as time went by and trust grew deeper. I tell you this, because first contact with a Faerie can be a frightening thing, and often it is so, because the Faerie intentional makes it that way. They WANT to frighten you. It's their defence mechanism. But if you know this ahead of time, you can stand your ground whille they throw everything they got at you. It also helps if you take a tone of authority with them, such as: "Now stop that! You know better than to act like that. Stand still so I can talk to you." Remember: they are like small children, they think like small children, they act like small children, they respond like small children, they throw temper tantrums like small children, and they have short attention spans like small children, and so you have to treat them as such: firm but gentle, authorative, but loving.

You have to show them that you mean serious business and that you don't have time to wait around for them to play out their shinanagans. "We have business to attend to. It's getting late. If you don't calm down and start behaving right now, I'm leaving. We can do this another time when you feel like paying attention." And if they don't calm down: leave, come back another day. They will be better behaved next time, once they realize you really mean it when you say you are going to leave. If they really want to talk to you, they will think twice about their actions next time. But like I said, it can take years before a Faerie will openly and fully trust a Human, so you have to have a great deal of patiance.

You are dealing with a mentality that will shout out: "Look at what I can do!" than throw your best china across the room, while running out the back door laughing hysterically. It can be quite frustrating dealing with Faeries. Gaining their trust and respect MUST be your first and highest priority, because with out it contact with Faeries is usless.

You my friend, seem to have an advantage: You have already had contact with Faeries. Faeries do not forget kind deeds. Faeries do not forget gifts, especially if it was a gift of some significance (for example - something this particular Faerie deeply enjoyed or wanted - like my car with the Far-Darrig or the fact that instead of milk I now leave him Swiss Miss tapioca pudding cups and how once I found out he had a passion for tubes of bright red lipstick I started leaving those for him as well.)

Now, you say as a child you called on Water Faeries to protect you and left them gifts. No, this is not stupid at all. This tells me that you have a particular Faerie looking out for you and is quite possibly your own personal Spirit Guide and Guardian. I would suggest that you try to make contact with this Faerie, Just you. Alone. Not as a part of a group. This Faerie is your personal Faerie and he or she will not show themself to you when others are with you, and may never show itself to you physically at all, as Faeries are very shy about being seen due to their often being veiwed as quite ugly, by humans - if you see a "beautiful" Faerie chances are high that you are seeing not the real Faerie itself, but rather a Glimmer or an illusion of how it wants to be seen, through the use of a Glammour Spell be cast on you by the Faerie, causing you to see only what it wants you to see and not what is really there in front of you. This is to be expected in the beginning, and only after many years (20, 30, or more!) of devoted friendship and loyalty will the Faerie trust you and feel safe enough to be seen as it really is. But really, you NEED to try to re-establish contact with this Faerie(s? - it is more likely to be one solitary, than a group) from your childhood. This is your best advantage for your group. Having a person in the group, who has personal contact with their personal Faerie guardian, is going to make your group's contact with Faeries a million times easier. This Faerie will stand in and act as your group's ambasador, he/she will become the go-between.

Knowing that a member of your group is in good cahoots with one of their own, is going to take years off of your winning their trust, and get you closer and better contact with Daeries as a whole. So, yes, do, indiviually on you own try to find out everything you can about your personal Faerie Guide, he/she will become you biggest allie. You have a head start: you know this Faerie like to be around water, you know this Faerie like "fairy cakes". A Faerie with a passion for fairy cakes often utterly adored Kellog's PopTarts, so leaving a poptate as a gift, is a good thing here too. Other gifts include frosted cup cakes, cream filled chocolates, fruit cakes, tarts, banana bread, and similar pasties. Gifts are good, in fact you should NEVER approach a Faerie without one.

Gifts tell the Faerie that you are not hostile and may be trusted on some level. In my personal experience the best gifts to leave Faerie are dairy products: milk, cheese, pudding, melted ice cream...the Far-Darrig I work with has a particular fancy for tapioca pudding, he also adores brilliant blood red lip stick and red or orange silks and scaves. He's also very scatterbrained and will grab the gifts and run, forgetting why he was there, so I don't give him the gifts straight away, I give them to him afterwards when it is time for him to leave, because I know as soon as he sees them, he'll scoop them up and run off into the woods and I won't see him again for days or more. Each Faerie has things it prefers and things it dislikes and while some love fancy baubles (rings, beads, lace, sequins, ribbons, pots of glitter, etc) and gifts of clothing, others are deeply offended by such gifts and may become violently angry at the sight of them, so it's best to not give fancy trinkets and clothen items to a Faerie unless you are certain it will not be offended by such gifts. Generally Fairys are more accepting of clothen and jewelry that Faeries are. If you have Faerie Sight and can actually see the Faeries (though this is rare) look at the way they are dressed, this indicates a good clue: if they are decked out in jewels, leave jewelry for them, if they are dressed in dirty brown rags, stick with gifts of food instead. Faeries that dress in rags do so because they WANT to and they will be deeply offended by gifts of clothen. But all Fearies as far as I can tell, will eagerly accept a bowl of milk or cream.

Now an invitation from Faeries, this is unusual, but not unheard of. This is tricky business here as Faerie generally avoid Humans at all costs and when they seek out a Human, there is likely a less than savory alteria motive. Abduction is a serious issue to consider here.

I suggest that before you go to far into this, you do some Googling of "alien abduction" and "alien human hybrid breeding programs". Saddly very few people make the connection between Faeries and Aliens/Grays and this is a serious mistake, because they are in fact one and the same. You say they are invading your dreams at night? This is a sign of abduction, either they are planning to abduct you or they already have. Now don't get scared here, because this is not necessarily a bad thing. The media likes to pick up on the wild and terrifying horror stories about Faerie/Alien Abductions and usually ignores the peaceful happy ones. Terror sells better than joy. But while there are good experiences out there, I must warn you that the #1 reason for Faeries to contact Humans is fetus harvest: they abduct humans, breed with them, erase their memories of the abduction, than 3 or 4 month later return, abduct the girl again, remove the fetus transplanting it into one of their own, return the girl and erase her memories again. Often this is done so early that the girl never knew she was pregnant at all, but she will begin having nightmares about having babies or small children kidnapped from her: these are not nightmares, they are the memories of the abduction breaking through. If the girl knew she was pregnant she will asume she had a misscarriage, but nightmares of stolen children will still come.

There have been over 50,000 reported cases of fetuses stolen by Angels, Faeries, Little People, and Aliens, and over 20 million reported abductions worldwide by people currently alive today, with millions more dating as far back as the 1300s. And this is why I warn to use EXTREME CAUTION when working with Faeries, because they are VERY powerful and no amount of grounding or protection ritual is going to stop a Faerie from doing whatever the hell they want. They are not from this plane of existence and they are not bound by it's laws. However, they do know the ways of Humans and they are watching you all the time whether you know they are there or not, and they will already be there when you are setting things up, and doing your grounding and protection rituals, and MOST Faeries work under a code of honor and trust, and will respect your boundaries if you respect theirs. Seeing you do the grounding and protection ritual, tells them that you want to talk to them, but you don't want to go with them, and MOST Faeries will respect this and not make any abduction attempts while you are "protected". In other words the rituals themselves have no power against the Faeries taking you, but doing the rituals stops the Faeries from taking you, because they respect your wish not to be taken. Now that I've scared you, know too that while abduction and reproduction/fetus harvesting are usually the motives Faeries have for contacting Humans, this is not always the case, so accepting an invitation from Faeries is something you should do, just use caution, when you do it.

Remember too, that if abduction was their motive they'd have just come in and abducted you and you'd be remembering nightmares of being chased or kidnapped, not dreams of peaceful invitations. This is a sign that the Faeries whom are contacting you can be trusted on some level and are not likely to hurt you, and that is a good thing. It is also a sign that you may quite possibly have Faerie blood in you, and given that your great-grandmother knows so much about Faeries, it is highly likely that she was abducted by them (as this is how most people, myself included, learn the art of Faerie Magic and Faerie Lore - directly from the Faeries themselves) and this also means that your grandmother may very well have had a Faerie for a biological father. I also want to note here, that nearly 90% of all Faeries in existence now are male, for some reason by the late 1800s (our time - their time is different though it move parallel to ours) most all of the females suddenly died off, and this is why Faeries take female humans. The fact that Faeries and Humans can mate and produce offspring, indicates a DNA link between the two races at some point in the distant past, with the going theory held by scientists who study the phenomena believe that Faeries/Angels/Aliens/Gods/Goddesses are in fact Humans of the future and are Time Travelers from our very distant future (we are talking millions of years into the future here) and have evolved physically, scientifically and psychically, but have also suffered a plague which killed off nearly every female and also left many of the males horribly deformed and pschoticlly sadistic, thus resulting in the "trickster" activity as well as the blood thirsty human flesh eating and blood bathing activities. It is believed that they are the Human race as it will become at the very end of Human existence and that they are desperatly in danger of extinction, thus why they are now desperatly traveling back in time to abduct girls and harvest fetuses in a final desperate attempt to save the Human Race. Yeah. I freak people out when I tell them that, because they think Faeries are just cute fluttery things, but the only thing that can mate with a Human and produce a baby is another Human, so that really does a lot to change one's perspective of Faeries.

So, all of that cautionary stuff out of the way, lets get to answering your question, which was: "Do you have any suggestions on faerie magic, or rituals that would be good for a first time in actively working with the fae?" Well, I can't speak for what others do, I can only tell you what it is that I do and hope that something I said will help you with your personal goals.

I have done channeling and medium work for 30+ years, and so I've dealt with Faeries quite a bit, in fact, probably a lot more than most people seeing how Faerie Magic and working with Faeries is the main thing I do. Timing is something to consider. Many races of Fae will only come out at certain times: dawn, dusk, twilight, torrential storms, and any time of the day/night during a heavy fog are the most common times to see Faeries. I know people are always saying: "But moon phases, you gotta work with the moon phases!" Uhm? What? No one ever taught me moon phases and like I said, I was taught by my grandmothers, who were taught by their grandmothers, and so on, all the way back to the 1400s - and probably farther back than that, we just don't have a written record before than, there is no mention of Moon Phases in the magic traditions my family passed down, so before I meet a Wiccan in 2005, I had never heard of working with moon phases before, and I didn't even know the moon had phases. All I knew was there's the moon, and for 3 days it'll be full, than go back to normal.

I'm assuming moon phases to be mostly a Wiccan tradition as every one whom I've heard mentioning them seems to be Wiccan (I'm not) and work predominatly with the Goddess (I don't), and thes Goddess being largly connected with the moon, it therefor makes sense to work with moon phases if you work mostly with the Goddess. So there may be some advantage to working with moon phases, when working with Faeries but as I've not done it myself, I can't advice you on those, and I'm guessing here, but if you think your Faeries may be female, than working around moon phases may be an advantage as I would assume working with a female Fae would be similar to working with the Goddess, though I'm not certain, because as I said, the Faeries I've worked with are males.

Another thing to consider is where I live: in a swamp, in the forest, on the cold North Atlantic coast, with a beach and the raging ocean a few feet in front of me, and a large majority of the locals are highly superstious fishermen and rifle toteing lobstermen.

Locals call me "The Sea Witch of Old Orchard Beach" and my native gypsy blood (I'm the Princess of The Royal Highland Clan of the Scottish Travellers and the Queen of The Ricker Clan of Scottish Travellers) causes people to walk around on tiptoe terrified I'll drop some ancient gypsy curse on their head. Okay so many my grandmothers sent curses left and right (they did actually) and yeah I was taugh by them, but sheesh, I live by the creed: "Love thy neighbor, harm none, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you." so you know curses are kind out against that. But anyways, my point is you should pay close attention to the local geography and local superstitions of your area, because this is going to help you to determin what type of Faeries you are dealing with, and as is obvious in my case, I am usually working with Water Faeries of swamps, marshes, and the ocean, because I live in that type of area.

Anyways I do work with the moon, slightly, I was taught full moon stuff, like how the tides are higher during a full moon, the waves are stormier, and the light being brighter makes it a better night for working on the cold dark North Atlantic beaches. I was also taught that the Faeries come out in the full moon, making it the best time to work with them, or at least the best time to work with the type I work with: Water Faeries; because the full moon changes the ocean. Did you ever watch the waves during a full moon? They'll capsize a ship. There's reason fisherman stay home during a full moon. But than there is the fog, it doesn't matter how big and bright the full moon is, you just can't see it or the ocean, because the fog comes rolling in, and this, is the best time to work, because this is when the Faeries come ashore, hidden under the cover of the fog, and this is when I time my work: to make the storms and fog, when the powers of the Water Faeries are at their highest points. I love fog, it's my favorite weather, but nothing beats standing on the beach during a driving hurricane. Insane? Yes. But I never miss a chance to stand on the shore with the wind trying to lift me off the ground and toss me into skyscraper tall waves while thunder and lightening flash and crash all around me. Believe me - you haven't lived until you stand on the beach and literaly look a hurrican right in the eye. It's exhilerating. (Almost as good as a hurrican is a February Blizzard at -48F below zero tempuratures. There is a reason why locals call me "That crazy sea witch.") I live for hurricans! Of course, I'm homeless today because in 2006 a flood came through and took my house with it, but that just gave me an opertunity to spend three years living under a tarp on the beach! LOL! Right now I live in my car on the beach while saving up for an RV to continue living on the beach with. (I still own my land, just there is no house on it any more.) As you may have noticed by now I work mostly with the ocean itself. I work around the shifting tides and raging storms.

Huge Water Element factor going on there, in fact, you can't get much bigger on Water Element than the ocean itself! LOL! But yeah, I've found the best time for working with Faeries, or at least the ones I've worked with, to be during a big freaking storm. But you also have to consider that the Faerie I work with most is a type of Brackish Water Faerie (living in peat bogs, swamps, marshes, etc) and can live in both fresh and salt water as a result and has a preferance for fog and storms and due to the delicate nature of his skin (which is stark white and has a slimy frog-like texture) he can't come out durinf sunlight or during dry hot weather, so this makes a difference as to when I can contact him. However, every type of Faerie is different, some like sunny days and open fields; some like dark nights in dense forests; the only way to know what tome and weather is best for contacting your Faeries is to figure out what type of Faerie they are, what their favorite habitat is, what types of weather do they prefer, and work accordingly.

Now before you can work with Faeries you have to locate a "place of contact". Avoid trying to contact Faeries while inside a house. This is particuraly dangerous, as Faeries are not used to indoors and they are less than careful.

People often try to contact spirits using a Oujia/Spirit Board, than complain because all they could contact was "an evil spirit" which screamed, yells, threw stuff all over the room, and started smashing things. No, no, no, no, no. "Evil spirits" are incredibally rare, to the point that I personally believe there is no such thing.

A closer examination of what happened, often reveals signs that what came through to you was in fact a Faerie, but upon finding itself inside a house it panicked, freaked out, and started making a desperate attempt to get back outside, but not knowing how to do this it started screaming and running around the room throwing things and sometimes physically lashing out and clawing at the people in the room. The real danger here is Faeries have no concept of doors and windows so opening a door and telling it, it is free to go, does nothing, and you are now stuck with a frightened utterly scared out of it's mind Faerie in your room, whom, the more frightened it becomes the more violent it is going to act. It feels deeply threatened, and it sees you as the threat and it'll make your life a living hell. This is how houses become haunted by poltergiests. And this is why doing Faerie Magic indoors is seriously dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

If you have access to such a place, it is best if you try contacting Fearies outdoors, the wilder the better (think swamps and old growth forests) preferably while standing within a natural Faerie Ring. They will understand if you can not find such a place, but they will also know if you made an honest effort to find such a place, so it is in you best interest of negotiations if you make a good solid effort to seek out such a place. If you live in the city, seek out a park, garden, or cemetery, or take a day trip to a nearby rural area, or just sit on the lawn or sidewalk in front of your house. Do whaever it takes to find a place where you can do this out doors, because there is nothing worse than accidently trapping a Faerie inside a house. Even the gentlest good natured Faerie will become "evil" and violent when frightened and feeling that you have trapped them in a cage.

Next, Prepare the place. This can be difficult if you do not know which race of Faerie you are dealing with. If you can determin the race, you can determin if they like willow trees or hawthorns and bring branches of their preferance, for example. Some Faeries like gifts of coats and scarves (Far-Darrigs and Lephrechauns especially love gifts of fine clothen) however MOST Faeries are deeply offended by gifts of clothen so gifts of this nature should be avoided at all costs, unless these Faeries tell you they accept such gifts. As far as I know EVERY race of Fae enjoys recieving gifts of milk, cream, cheese, melted ice cream, honey, sugar, and pudding - the sweeter the better, and gifts of candy, lolipops, cakes, and chocolates are welcomed as well. Flowers are usually welcomed, with wild five-petaled white roses being prefered above all other flowers. Even better than gifts of cut flowers, is to plant some live potted flowers around the Faerie Ring. Colored streamers and ribbons are loved by many races and red ribbons being prefered by most.

The place where I do a magority of my Faerie work is a mossy patch of land on the outskirts of a swamp and boarded by a brook and tucked away inside and old growth pine forest dotted with maples and oaks and covered in dense fern growth. The area has a harsh fungus musk scent to it, due to the fact that the area is littered with mushrooms. It is hard to walk without stepping on mushrooms. Faerie Rings abound in endless abundance here through out most of the year. One Faerie Ring in particular though stands out: it is made up of hundreds of murshrooms - with caps nearly a foot across and the ring itself covering an area 13 feet across, and boarderd by a circle of 7 everygreen trees each about 8 feet tall. The numbers are significant: 13 feet across and 7 trees, as both numbers are used in Faerie Magic. (When working with Faeries do everything in odd numbers: 3, 7, 9, 13, 15, 21, etc). Even more significant however is how I found this place.

I wandered into this swamp looking for frogs, when I was 4 years old. At the edge of the swamp stood a tall oak tree, with a large low limb. In the limb was siting what I had than described as "a white monkey" which talked to me and asked me to follow it into the forest. Instead of following him, I ran home and dragged my parents out into the swamp to see "the talking white monkey". At first my parents were convinced I had meet a kidnapper who had at that time escaped prison and was rumored to be in the area, so a search party went out into the woods and swamp. All they found was an ancient Indian Grave and a human skeleton in the swamp, which they assumed to be the remains of a dead French settler from 400 years ago. I made a habit of returning to the swamp and talking with my "white monkey", which was a tiny old man, about 4 feet tall, with huge blue eyes and wilf wooly white hair, dressed in a long red dress worn as a coat about 5 sizes too big for him. Again and again I tried to introduce him to my parents, aunts, uncles, etc, but they all laughed at my "vivid imagination" for as I soon found out, not a one of them could see or hear him.

As I got older and my contact with him did not cease, my extremely fundamentalist Christian mother had the tree cut down and chopped up, and burned claiming that I was talking to demons. The stump of the tree was tossed out into the swamp. Where the tree once stood, is now the giant ring of white mushrooms and 7 pines, and about 30 years later, I found the stump of that tree, rotted and covered in moss, and broke it back out of the swamp and put it back where the tree once stood: where it is now used as my altar. The little "red man" Far-Darrig still lives in the swamp today and my contact with him never ceased. And as you can see, my initial contact with Faeries was through one of them contacting me, not the other way around, and every one I've ever heard of whom has contact with Faeries, this is the case: it is the Faeries that open contact. The altar is under an arbor, which has vines growing up it, on the arbor over the altar hangs bird feeders, bird houses, wind chimes, and suncatchers. The altar itself sits in a circle of mushrooms and ever green trees which makes up my permanent sacred circle, which also never needs opening or closing, and in the center of which is where the faeries, angels, and spirit guides I talk to, appear. This spot was chosen because it is a natural circle, a faerie ring, and the site of the first sighting of Etiole (my Far-Darrig Spirit Guide) nearly 40 years ago.

My altar is not connected to any religion or theology or tradition or ritual, it is all about nature, connecting to the universe, peace, quiet, contemplation, prayer, meditation, and connecting with the spirit world. It has many uses: during meditation/prayer sessions it is my seat - yes, I sit ON the altar to pray, the shape of it is perfect for lotus position and the thick moss makes a wonderful cushion (and if you look at the photos of me on my web site, you will see me sitting on it in most of them); during a reading I lay my cards out on it; divination sessions are done here too, as are candle prayers, and pretty much everything else. As it is outdoors in my garden, when I am not using it, I cover it with birdseed and let the birds, mice, chipmunks, and squirrels eat off of it.

I have no altar cloth, when I need one I just take off one of my kimono and throw it over the altar.

I have no statues on it, don't need them.

I own no ceremonial knives, don't believe in them.

My icons are Catholic prayer cards of Jesus, which I glued to cardboard and than dipped in glitter and decorated with rhinestones - each one cost less than $3 to make.

My prayer beads are a cheap plastic children's rosary given to me by a nun who was walking around handing them out to people.

When I leave gifts for the Fearies (tapioca being the most common) they are left on the altar.

As you can see, there is no fancy set up, no rushing out buying things to get it just right, I just use what I have already.

When working with Faeries it is best to wear lose fitting robes, simple straight lines from neck to feet. This make you less "threatening" to them. The strangest things can set off a Faeries fiery temper, including your being over dressed or dressed in a way which is viewed as "military" or "warrior". It is also best to leave things like pins, tote bags, purses, wallets, pocket knives, nail clippers, cell phones, radios, and shoes away from the area. One owrong move, one wrong item could send the Faeries scurrying away and once offended they may never return, so you have to be very careful to leave EVERYTHING behind. Which is why it is best to wear a simple robe and nothing else: no socks, no shoes, no pants, no undies, nothing. If you are not carrying anything and the only thing you are wearing is a robe, you bring nothing which could accidently offend the Fae. I personally wear muu-muu (pink with pink butterflies) and kimono (light blue under kimono and purple outer kimono) when contacting the Faeries (the muumuu and kimonos belonged to my Kickapoo grandmother).

Some Faeries are attracted to certain colors. The Far-Darrig (aka The Red Man) is a perfect example of this, for as his name implies he can be lured forward with gifts of red clothen. Note however that this is one of the only races which accepts gifts of clothen and the cloth MUST be bright vibrant blood red. Far-Darrigs are violent tricksters though, a brackish water Faerie who dwells in swamps, and a type of Poltergeist which takes great delight in "haunting" houses and smashing breakable things. They are very wild, hyperactive, tempermental and can be inadvertantly deadly...they do not intend to hurt humans, quite the contray they love humans and make wonderful guardians and protectors, but they when playing pranks they can work themselves up into a frenzy and cause serious injuries to any one in throwing distance.

A side note on Far-Darrigs: they are a cousin of Red Caps and dye their coats red with Human blood, though rarely are they the Faerie which killed the human - they tend to be scavangers, following Phookas around and well use the blood from the Phooka's Human killings. A word of caution: if you are dealing with Far-Darrigs than you are in an area that has a Phooka living near-by.

Additional side note: If you suspect the Faeries you are dealing with are Phookas, END CONTACT IMMEDIATLY: a Phooka has ONLY one goal: to kill. Phookas are psychotic shape shifters - they can take on the form of anything or anyone: a horse, a stray dog, your cat, your mother...They are the most dealy race of Faerie there is and their shapshifting ability allows them to get closer to Humans than any other race, fortunatly they are endangered and close to extinction so Phooka contact is rare. In recent years the largest Phooka population is in Mexico where they are more commonly known as Chupacabra. Phookas are attracted to black, so when contacting Faeries avoid wearing black.

As a general rule the best color to wear around Faeries is a pale purple, lilac or lavender color. Use the chart below when working with Faeries, making poppet/dolls, creating new spells, and doing altar work:

Red Magic: Passion, sex, and love magic. Also used for Faerie contact but ONLY with certain races, such as Far-Darrigs and Gnomes. 

Orange Magic: Anti-depression, happiness, and energy drawing magic. 

Yellow Magic: Healing and good health magic. 

Green Magic: Money, success, good luck, job, career, and gambling magic. Also used for Faerie contact but MOSTLY with certain races, such as Leperachauns and GreenMen. 

Dark Blue Magic: Knowledge, wisdom, school, and education magic. 

Light Blue Magic: Protection, home, reconciliation, and family magic. Also used for Faerie contact but ONLY with certain water races. 

Purple Magic: Spirit work, knowledge, wisdom, school, and education magic. 

Lavender Magic: Spirit work, attracting positive energy, rekie, same-sex true love romance, meditation, channeling spirits, and angel & faerie contact. 

Pink Magic: Romance, true love, and marriage magic. Used to attract Flower Fairies. 

Brown Magic: Court case, legal issues, justice, and stay our of prison magic. Also used for Faerie contact but ONLY with certain races, such as Dmovies, House Elves and Brownies. 

Gray Magic: Moon, family, marriage, and spiritual blessings magic. 

White Magic: Cleansing, ridding negative energy, and angel magic. 

Black Magic: Protection, exorcism, hot-footing, and driving away evil magic. Do not use when contacting Faeries as this color attracts Phookas. 

Silver Magic: Moon, family, marriage, alien contact, and spiritual blessings magic. Also used for Faerie contact but ONLY with certain water races. 

Gold Magic: Sun, money attraction, and good luck magic. Also used for Faerie contact but ONLY with certain solitary races attracted to glitter, such as Far-Darrigs and Leprechauns.

Once you have picked a spot and prepared it, next you must prepare yourself (and when working in a group EACH person must do this as well). I do, what I call "The 30 Day Ritual" - a 30 day period of cleansing to remove all negative energies from my body. This however is a lifestyle for me that I do 24/7/365 for close to 40 years, so for me it is no longer a 30 day ritual. What it means is, that for 30 days PRIOR to your attempting to contact Faeries you must not eat meat, you must not smoke, you must not drink, you must not do drugs, you must not have sex, you must not have contact with any guns or knives, you must avoid contact with any one who owns a gun, and you must eat only "pure" healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, grains, ect. in other words not packaged). You must become "as an innocent child" and do everything in your power to revert your body's energy feild back to the way it was when you were a small child. Faeries come to children more often than to adults for a reason: purity of soul, is that reason. So when people ask me why they tried to contact Faeries and nothing happened, I tell them about the 30 Day Ritual, and if they do it, they nearly always are successful next time they try to contact Faeries. Its not required, but, it certainly does greatly enhance your chances of successful contact. Now we come to the point of attempting actual contact.

Go to the place you have prepared. Plan to arrive 3 hours prior to attempting to make contact. Ground yourself, clear your mind of negative thoughts, and do some heavy deep meditation before you start calling up spirits. If you are nervous or stressed out or angry at your boss or just had a fight with your friend - these things are going to affect your outcome.

Remember: like attracts like, so if you are frigging pissed at your boyfriend and want to wring his neck, than you try calling up spirits, you are going to attract and an angry spirit who just like you wants to wring someone's neck. See the problem here?

Do a minimum hour long meditation session prior to attempting contact. Clear your mind of all thoughts and emotions. Become an empty vessal with which to capture messages. Use a grounding ritual, to plant yourself firmly on the ground, before trying. Myself, personally, I do a 3 hour meditation session. First of all, you do not want to be destracted by inner thoughts, worries, or fears, as the Faeries can use this to their advantage against you. You must empty your mind completely and totally. There are thousands of meditation methods and styles and I am afraid I am not well versed in any of them and really know very little about so-called "Meditation Tips & Techniques". I have never studied meditation on any level, so my advice on meditation is purely my own methods and not connected with any formal style or tradition and may or may not be what others do or recommend.

That said, I will tell you what it is that I do and you can decide what to do from there. First I like to choose a time when I know I will not be disturbed for several hours. My meditation sessions last from a few minutes to 7 or 8 hours. Generally I feel the longer the better, and if I do a meditation session less than an hour long it is generally because I was disturbed by someone. My life is such that I can usually take 2 to 4 hours a day for a meditation session 4 or 5 days a week.

Next set aside a regular time of day so that you can get into the habit of meditating at the same time each day. I personally find it best to meditate in the late afternoon or early evening, depending on the time of year. In the winter it gets dark by 3PM while in the summer it does not start getting dark until 9PM, so I set my meditation time by where the sun is in the sky, not by where the dail is on a clock. For me this means that most meditation sessions start about 4 or 5 hours before sunset. (And I use the setting sun as part of my meditating.) I choose the place, depending on the weather. (I am homeless and having no house means where I am outside is dependent largely on how cold, hot, wet, dry, or windy the day may be.) I own a small plot of land (about 60 feet by 50 feet) on which sits my meditation garden. The land is surrounded by swamp and forest both of which are owned by one of Maine's largest RV park campgrounds, meaning there are acres of nothing but forest and trails all around me, and I have permission from the owner to use the parks land for my meditating and hiking. In my garden runs a brook, which stretches back for miles into the forest and feeds the Atlantic Ocean which sits on the opposite side of my garden. My places of choose for meditating are along this brook, on the shore of the ocean, at the edge of the swamp, or deep within the forest on the higher banks of the brook. In any case water, running water, flowing brook, or crashing waves, water is my "trigger" for getting into deep meditation. Listening to the water and the birds and the wind in the trees or dune grass, these are the sounds which help to clear my mind and empty it of all the stresses of the day so that I can relax and meditate.

Next I find a place to sit: a soft patch of moss, a tree stump, the sand, whatever, some place comfortable, where I can sit on my bum with my legs crossed, feet over my thighs and can just sit for several hours with my eyes closed and breathing in the fresh salty pine air. Once settled in my spot, eyes closed, legs crossed, back straight. I take out a pen and paper and write down my daily mantra 15 times, to get it into my brain in a rhythm, than once it is flowing in my head, I close my eyes again and let it float through my mind until it reaches the point that it just disappears and my mind is empty of all thoughts and fears and worries. A few of the things I have written down and meditated on where: "I can relax, everything is okay. I can let go of worries. I can let go of fears. I give them to the Universe. I remove them from my life. I don't need them. I don't want them....I am the silver violet flame." "I believe without a doubt that I will have every thing I want and need from life. I am the silver violet flame."

"I believe without a doubt that I am happy and have a wonderful life to look forward to. I am the silver violet flame."

"I believe without a doubt that I will be guided to the right situation at the right time. I am the silver violet flame."

"I believe without a doubt that every day in every way I am getting better and better. Life if good. I am the silver violet flame."

"I have everything I need to achieve my goals. I am the silver violet flame."

"I accept that my prayers have already been answered. I believe that everything will work out for the best. I am the silver violet flame."

So, you get the idea of my mantras, right? I also like to use the following poem as a meditation mantra:

God sees me as a beautiful child of life.
God sees me as a beautiful soul.
God sees me as a divine light for the world to see.
God sees me as a purposeful and powerful person.
God sees me as a strong and courageous person.
God sees me as an intelligent person.
God sees me as love in motion.
God sees love.
God sees good.
God sees joy.
God sees peace.
Today I see myself as God sees me.
("God Sees Me" by Iyanla Vanzant)

But yeah, that's pretty much it. Just find a spot where you can sit and relax for several hours and than just sit and relax and empty your mind.

Next you want to ground yourself firmly and securly to this physical plane, so they do not abduct you and so that you are not overwhelmed by their deeply emotional states of being. A Faerie's emotions are intense, raw, and powerful beyond what the Human mind can comprehend. Their emotions are also Chaotic riseing up in huge elation than crash down in pits of sorrow than wirling by in blazen anger and doing it all in a matter of seconds. Think of them as being very bio-polar and expect the unexpected. By all mean build a psychic barrier around yourself, and ground yourself. You must have a firm spiritual foundation, otherwise their emotions will overwhelm you and cause you to fall into terrible fits of depression. Their joys can lift you high and than once out of their pressance send you crashing down into fits of dispear and feeling that you can not live in this life, now that you've seen the emence joy of the other side. Likewise their sorrows can overwhelm you and crush you emotionally. If you allow their sorrows to bring you down, than you will become useless and unable to help the people who need you most.

There are many techniques to grounding yourself and putting up barriers. Wiccans for example use the "Sacred Circle" ritual. Myself I prefer the shamanic ritual, of visualizing a large tree standing on a hill, I am under the ground, below the roots of the tree, I am a vine, I send tendrils up through the dirt, and around the tree, upward and over the tree, I envelope it and engulf it, and as strong as this giant tree is, my roots are stronger and go deeper beneath the ground. I am now grounded and I reach my vines forth to the sky and birds come to seek shelter in my leaves, so they know they are safe with me and I will protect them from the great hawks and eagles which hunt them down.

Try this - become the vine, the great and powerful vine with roots so strong and deep that you can conquer even the mightiest tree. Your vines are branches of joy, happiness, laughter, and hope. You welcome the scared, sad, and frightened little birds into your life, you offer them love and protection from the terrifying sorrows and fears that torment them. Ground yourself, than set out to help the sorrowful and let your powerful light shine in their lives and be a beacon of hope and joy. Keep this image in your mind. It'll help you to connect with the Faeries and remain firmly planted in the physical realm. Remember - you are not the tree, who's roots are shallow and uplifted by the wind - you are the vine whos roots are strong and you protect the tree with your tight grasping vines that refuse to let go! The wind blows other trees right off the cliff, but you hold this tree firmly grounded in it's place.

Finally you begin contact. Now if you are of strong faith and firm grounding, you may not need any tools, however, there are tools you can use to help you out. The Spirit Board being the most commonly used by others, and most likely the tool you would end up using if you went for using a tool to help you out, so I'll talk about Spirit Boards for a bit, to tell you how it is I have personally used them. Well, you don't need an actual board even, you could spread rune stones or cards with letters and numbers or even Tarot or Oracel cards or just draw in the dirt with a stck, and use an upturned glass or seashell or stone as a planchette.

As I mentioned, I've been channeling spirits since 1978 and I bought my first Spirit Board in 2010, so yeah, it's a tool, but you can use other things as tools as well. Just use what you are comfortable with.

But most people wanting to contact Faeries want to use a Spirit Board and if you do, will here's what I do: Both my grandmothers were witches, both of them were steeped in superstitions and had lots of little warnings about things to avoid and so I learned everything I know from them, including: "Stay away from those evil Ouija Boards". I learned divination by throwing (pebbles, dice, marbles, and shells) and card reading (every type of card EXCEPT Tarot as another of their sayings was: "Stay away from those evil Tarot Cards" - my grandmothers were strange that way) and thus I grew up avoiding Ouija Boards and Tarot Cards like they were the plague.

As I grew older I heard stories of how "evil" Ouija was and as a teen some of my cousins told me one day, how they had gone off in secret with some friends and used one of those Ouija Boards and "NEVER AGAIN!" was their terrified exclamation. A year or so later a girl from our church one day came into our classroom scared out of her mind, with a story of how she had the night before been attacks by Jack the Ripper after her and some school friends had specifically called him up to interview him for their history class project. It was stories like these that kept me faaaaar away from Ouija Boards for the next 20 more years. Than something happened.

I'm not sure exactly when or how, but about 3 or 4 years ago, I started thinking - "It's just a peace of wood. It can't of itself call up evil spirits - only the person using it can do that." The more I thought about it, the more I start rethinking my "fears" and finally I realized that, all of the stories I had heard, people had used their boards in ways that specifically attracted evil spirits. I started thinking, what if it wasn't that the board was attracting evil spirits, it was just that the person using the board went into it EXPECTING to attract evil spirits and did attract evil because that is what their mind was in tune to at that moment? My cousins had used their board in a "horror movie" way: at night, in a cemetery, acting all spooky and shivery, and EXPECTING to attract some evil ghost. I thought to myself: "What if they had done it in the daytime, in a rose garden, acting relaxed and confident, EXPECTING to attract an archangel?" The girl from mt childhood church, had REQUESTED Jack the Ripper SPECIFICALLY BY NAME. What if she had asked for Mother Teresa or Princess Diana or Liberace instead? So I mulled over these questions for a few years Today I have several hand made (about 5 or so) and I have 12 store bought spirit boards. Yes, you did read that correctly, it is 12 as in one dozen. I was planning to buy a wooden one, but than I found the ones I really liked were all in the $300+ range and I did not have that much cash with me, so I checked out the "gameboard" style non-wooden (chip board) ones with all sorts of faeries and angels printed on them. They cost like $2 a piece and I was thinking - "Hey, if they don't work, I can frame them and still not have spent much money". But than there were 12 of them and I kind of have this problem where when I buy something, I have to buy one of each so I can have a "matched set", I do it with everything and so when I went out to buy a spirit board last summer, I came home with 12 of them instead of one. YAY!

So as soon as I was back home I rushed to my moss covered altar in my rose garden and set out to trying out my 12 new spirit boards. But than here's the thing: All I had were these boards no instructions or pointer or anything and I didn't know the first thing about how to even use a spirit board! I did however know about channeling spirits and using cards and throwing-stones to talk to spirit (which I had been doing for 31 years at that point). So I started using the illustrated boards like cards and using them as a guide to toss my divination pebbles-dice-marbles-shells on and at the time I had also just bought a pendulum (I'd never used a pendulum before) so I was using the pendulum over the boards as well. With the pendulum I was getting conflicting "answers" and after a week of daily practice, I had yet to call up any sort of spirit good, bad, or otherwise. I got better results using them as throwing boards, tossing my stones and stuff on them and "reading" the answers. So I did this for a while, but still, no spirits were showing up, or at least not physically or visibly to the naked eye - which is typically what I strive for during channeling. I like to see who I am talking to.

Than about a month after buying the boards, I pulled out my card decks, lined up all of the spirit boards in a grid, and started doing a card reading. I was 5 cards into a 5 card reading when a tiny minty green entity suddenly started hovering inches in front of me. She had 4 wings and a brilliant glow emanating out from her body. (I call it a her, but I could not see her face or features, she was formless, sort of like a shifting orb with 4 fluttering wings, but somehow I just "knew" she was a she, which is odd, because in all of my 30+ years of calling on Faeries, Angels, and Spirits, this was the first female one to appear, all the others have always been males.) She hovered in front of me for a few seconds and than as quickly as she had appeared, she was gone. While she was there I was washed over by a feeling of peace and calm, like she was saying to me: "You can relax now, because everything is okay." Which really was a feeling I needed right than, see, I am homeless (my house burned down in 2006, I've lived on my land in my car ever since) and my car had just been stolen, so I was really freaking out and over stressed at the time, and the message: "You can relax now, because everything is okay." and feeling a wave of peace and calm, was REALLY what I was needed right than. (My stolen car was since found and returned to me, btw, and things have been going in a better direction ever since, so her message turned out to be true: I CAN relax now, because things ARE okay again. But this experience REALLY changed my views on Spirit Boards A LOT, because it proved to me just exactly what I thought: the board is a tool that can be used for bad or good, and it is how you use it and what type of spirit you wish to attract that is going to affect the outcome.

My main style of magic work, is Scottish/Welsh Faerie Magic, aka Hoodoo, so most everything I do with the intent to attract Faeries and Nature Spirits using roots and herbs and natural curios. I went to a place built especially for attracting Faeries, I used a Spirit Board which had Faeries printed on it, and I was seeking help from the Faeries specifically, and when a spirit finally did come, it was in fact a Faerie, or rather the Spirit came to me in the form of what I personally identify as a Faerie. So, I know I was not using the boards the right way, seeing how I had no pointer and no rule book and just sort of jumped in using what I knew of other styles of divination, but in the end, it worked out okay for me, my encounter with the green Faerie was a really good experience, and I plan to use Spirit Boards more often in the future. Since than I started making my own Spirit Boards out of white cardboard and crayons and lots of glitter.

Now I have heard people recommend doing certain things when using Spirit Boards:

"If you use a board be sure affix a pentacle on the underside of the board or table. It helps contain the spirit." 

A pentacle? I don't own one and in fact I've been practicing magic since 1978 and the first time I ever even heard the word pentacle, was in 2005, the first time I came face to face with a Wicca and also the first time I ever heard the word Wicca. I had no idea what the heck they were talking about. I had never even heard the word before. I had no idea what they were even saying, it was like a  foriegn language to me.  A pentacle? What the heck is a pentacle? It's not part of the Scottish and Native American traditions I was taught by my grandmothers.

As for containing a spirit, that's a Geni in a Bottle spell, and really, should only be done as part of an exocism, to get an evil spirit out of a house, into the bottle/item and than release the item in a place where the spirit can do no harm. I really would not recommend this other than during an exocism, because you are not only inviting the spirit to LIVE in your home with you, but you are also cageing it up so it can not leave your home willingly, and that's how a good spirit can go bad, because no one not even spirits like to be locked in a cage.

"Remember to call the spirit by name, never call on a random spirit. If you know the sigil, or have a picture of the spirit, then place that under the board too." 

Calling a spirit by name - is ify. If a person is just starting out, than yeah, it'll be safer to call on a spirit that is known to be safe: your grandmother or an archangel for example, before moving on to just calling up any spirit at random, and I don't recommend calling on Faeries unless you are very advanced in prior spirit work, because Faeries are chaotic, tempermental, unpredictable, and can become violent without warning. Once you've made contact with a Faerie do try to find out it's name, but don't push the issue. Fae consider names sacred and rarly use their real names, and are more likely to tell you their race as their "name". If you can get their name, or at least a title they prefer to be called, it'll be easier for you to call on this same Faerie again.

I do sometimes use sigels not always, but it helps to focus the mind just on calling one spirit in particular if he's the only one you want to talk to right now.

NEVER summon any spirit or Faerie to come from their realm to ours. Calling them just to chat is bad manners. They have jobs to do and it is not only immoral to summon them, but it could flare their tempers and result in them being very violent and angry when they arrive. You don't want this! You should only ask/summon Faeries to come if you need their help in an emergency, and it should be an invitation, not a demand. If they come invited but not summoned it is different because they came through on THEIR terms and in THEIR time. This is why I deal mostly just with my personal Spirit Guide -the Far-Darrig- because he was "assigned" to me and it is HIS JOB to be my personal guide through this life. (He said this to me, and said that he specifically choose me, because he wanted to be my guide.)

Every one has a private personal spirit guide who stays with them, and when people want to connect with the spirits I always tell them, try getting in touch with your personal spirit guide first. You don't know if it's a man or a woman, or what they look like or what their name is, so you can't call them by name, but you can ask them to reveal themselves to you and you can ask them their name and you can ask them to help you get in touch with other spirits. I find that you will getting better results if you let your Spirit Guide act as a go-between, rather than you calling up random spirits yourself. Also I do think it is best if you have a specific reason for contacting the spirits as they get annoyed if you just call on them because youare bored and needed something to do.

Remember to, there are spirits and Faeries everywhere, talk to the ones around you, don't go looking for them as this is just asking for trouble.

REMEMBER: they are around you for a reason and usually have something to say. If you keep calling and summoning Faeries who are not already with you, it will insult the ones which are trying to contact you and could cause you to lose contact with all Faeries . Respect them and they will respect you. You should use your contact and tools/Spirit Board ethically, morally, and with respect.

"Always cast a circle of protection first, and never work alone always work in groups of 2 or more." 

Since I am not one to follow the do's and don'ts much in life I went by my own styles and have enjoyed the experiences. I don't cast anything for protection prior to using it...nor do I use two people and etc. As with the pentacle, casting circles is something I had never heard of until I crossed paths with a Wiccan. Every time I hear some one mentioning casting circles of protection, I stare at them blankly and go: "Uhm --- why would I do that?" I know I keep hearing Wiccans talk about it, but I've never studied Wicca so I have no idea why you would do the whole casting circle thing. It's not part of the Scottish and Native American traditions I was taught by my grandmothers, so I'm just clueless as to why it is done. I do however work out doors (obviously - seeing how I'm homeless and have no indoors to work in) and seek out Faerie Rings to do my work in, as I deal with Welsh/Scottish Faerie Magic (not the new age neo-pagan fairy magic - they are different) and my personal familiar/spirit guide is a Far-Darrig Trickster, who prefers to show himself only in natural Faerie Rings (a naturally occurring circle of mushrooms, bushes, flowers, or trees). So I suppose in a way I do use "magic circles" and I was working in the center of a giant white mushroom Faerie Ring when the green Faerie appeared to me, so maybe there is something to working inside a circle, but as far as casting them, nope.

I can see the point of the groups of two or more thing. More faith = more power = more likely to call up a spirit and more likely to not be abducted by said spirit.

Most of my Faerie Work however is done without the use of a Spirit Board and uses divination instead:

CARD READING: Card Decks - many, varied, including playing cards, memory matching cards, old maid, authors, game cards from various games, children's trading cards (Sara Bella, Pokemon, Star Wars, Star Trek, ect.), tons and tons of Oracle decks featuring faeries and angels, but not a single Tarot deck in sight. I don't read cards in the "standard" way, and I may read a card today as one thing and read the same card tomorrow as something else entirely. I read cards psychically, not "by the book".

THROWING BONES, STONES, DICE: It is very similar to rune divination, but uses a bag or bowl filled with random found items: seeds, nuts, stones, egg shells, bones, feathers, domino, dice, marbles, broken bits of plastic, etc. The reader marks a grid (usually a divided circle) in the dirt, than tosses the mix on the ground and reads them objects by where and how they landed. Personally I use a bag filled with beach pebbles, seashells, glass marbles, polished gemstones, and Dungeons & Dragons RPG dice and a handmade cardboard Spirit Board. I don't use bones as by the traditions I was raised with, this is disrespectful of the dead.

SCRYING/SEER STONES: beach pebbles, river rocks, glass marbles, Japanese glass net balls from the beach, drift wood, ocean bricks, tumbled gemstones, glitter filled rubber balls, D&D dice, but not one "crystal ball". I was self taught...sort of...uhm, my Spirit Guide taught me divination skills for throwing stones & things. I ALWAYS obey the advice of my Spirit Guide as I've never known him to be wrong. I trust him. I had a set of "Memory" cards when I was a kid and instead of playing the game, I would sit there "reading" the cards, like I was reading a book, going on and on with all the things I could "see" in them. I was about 5 or 6 at the time. I never stopped doing it - postcards, Pokemon cards, playing cards, greeting cards, it doesn't matter what type of card it is. It's weird and I can't explain it, and I've never heard of any one else who reads cards the way I do. I don't read the "meanings" like one does with Tarot: I just pick up a card and all of a sudden it's like I have pages and pages of words in my brain and I start reading them. I've also tried other methods which failed:

Tea leaves - just couldn't get the hang of it. I think I was distracted by thinking it was all just too messy. Mirror scrying - I keep trying it but get no where with it.

Pendulums - I keep trying pendulums, but I get nothing. I think I've not found "my" pendulum yet. I mean, I have some that I bought to try out, but usually when I buy my tools it's a spur of the moment thing because I saw the tool and it just "clicked" and I knew this was the tool I was meant to use. But that has not happened yet with a pendulum, so I think I'm just not in rune with the pendulums I have. I keep looking for a pendulum and someday I'll find one that clicks with me and I'll try again.

Here's another tidbit people say: "Don't ever do a reading on yourself!" I disagree. Yes. Yes I do. No one ever told me not too. It was only recently that I'd see folks online saying you shouldn't and I'd be like: "Why?"

Anyways, as I said I have a Spirit Guide and I use divination to talk to him and his messages to me are very personal and pertain to my own life. He has helped me many times with many situations and I will continue to stay in touch with him daily. I do not believe in a client going to a reader or channeler more than one a month or even less, but when it comes to private personal divination done between yourself and your spirit guide, I believe you can and should do them daily. My advice for you is to do what you feel safe and comfortable with and go from there. I prefer to do divination alone actually - long distance - I find it much easier to focus than if the client is not hovering around getting all nervous and antsy at me. When working with a Spirit Board, I had no idea what the dos and don'ts were, so I just went with my gut and did what felt right to me. Like I said, the things I have mentioned here are the things which I personally do, and they work for me and the type of Faeries I work with. However they are not hard and fast rules and each person is different as is each Faerie, so what works for me, may not work for you, and likewise what works for you may not work for me. It's a trial and error thing. Go with your gut. Do the things that seem right to you, add-change-delete anything you feel needs it.


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