Friday, June 8, 2012

FAQs: Sylvia Browne, Is she all that she's cracked up to be?

Sylvia Browne, Is she all that she's cracked up to be? I used to think she was brilliant until I started putting myself in the shoes of the people asking questions.  One woman said to her "Why don't I sense my guide/spirits?" and she said "The same way you didn't sense a near- fatal car accident." We can all reach back and find a time where we had a "near-fatal car crash". What do you think of her?  I am unsure, but she sure entertains me every Wednesday on Montel! I believe that she has certain gifts.  And like all humans she does have her faults.  I cannot fault her for being wrong every now and then.    She is pompous and I don't like that.  Someone asks a question and 50% of the time, she patronizes said person.  "Doy, I'm psychic" (que eyeroll)  I don't like her superior or condescending attitude with people.  Her aura shows her to be a very impatient person who does not like to explain herself.  I  mean if you're going to offer to help someone the least you could do is NOT be condescending and arrogant.  My grandma used to tell me" you roll those eyes one more time and I'll roll your head!"  Maybe she has been in demand too long...absolute power corrupts absolutely"  and as I say" conceit is a fault... she doesn't have any."  Suuuuure... Most of the time she doesn't know the answer cause her abilities are really limited.  That's why she cuts people down.   She's trying to hide her shortcommings. I think shes just using her powers for corrupting people and cares more so about the money.  She is greedy and probably doesnt bother with anything that could get her to lose her credibility! What do you think of her?

I'm afraid I don't know her, so I can't really answer you. I know I've seen her books on display at the library, but I've never read them. Read the info on the dust jackets, can't remember what they said, it was maybe 5 or more years ago, but I remember whatever it said it didn't interest me at all, thus why I never read the books. I ran across her website once, a few years back, I remember I was not impressed by her charging $600 per half hour for a reading; that means she is charging $1,200 per hour for her wages, which is a hell of a lot more than the $7.50 national minimum wage standard, and does give the impression, as you said, that she is greedy and cares more about money. I remember too, not being impressed by her "book of life"/Akeshic Records theory aspect to her readings. 

Personaly I don't believe in the whole Akeshic Records thing, I think it's a lot of manipulative hooey used by shady psychics to scare people into coming back over and over again, and as my clients are well aware, I don't believe you need a reading more than twice a year at the most and even that I think it too often. They tell you your whole "book of life" story, than a few weeks later it's "oh wait, it changed, come baack for aother reading so we can update your book of life story..." yadda, yadda, yadda. I just see psychics who do that as scam artists. You request a reading from me, less than 6 months from the last reading, than you better make damn sure you are in a matter of life and death situation, otherwise I'll turn you away. Heck, I don't think you even need to get a reading done every year, once every 2 or 3 years ought to be plenty, and there's no real reason why any one should ever have more than 5 or 6 readings down in their entire lifestime.  It's stupid to trust every part of your life to readings. It's stupid to get addicted to readings. People who think they have to get a reading every day, week, or month, are suffering from mental health issues and would do far better seeing a psychologist each week instead of a psychic each week. And I don't think very highly of psychics who are so greedy and immoral that they prey on these mentally ill people and take advantage of their sickness rather than helping them to get professional medical attention. 

Now, a reading for consultation before getting a spell cast, is a different matter, and is not the same thing as a hysterical "I got to have my daily reading before I go to work" type reading. Those are not looking to read your future, but rather more of a prayer asking the spirits if this spell should be cast or not. But that's another topic entirely. Sylvia Browne, from my understanding doesn't do any real work for her clients, there isn't any ritual or spells or any of that stuff, correct? I mean, really, what does she actually DO? Nothing. Not one damned thing. Well, that said, let me point out that I don't give much salt to "psychics". Readings are ment to be done in conjuntion with other type of work, spiritual cleansings, altar work, spell casting, something, anything...a reading for the sake of a reading is a modern phenomina, a result of amusement park fortune telling, which was done by Gypsies (my people) as a form of entertainment for tourists. Scam artists took it out of the side show and attempted to make a living on it, using it as thought it could stand alone! Fact is readings are always done in preperation for some sort of magic work, and when done alone it is just for fun to entertain people. That's the way my people have always done it, and non-Gypsies came along and thought, "Heck, I can do that to make money", thus why you now have psychic hotlines and people like Miss Browne here.

Sure they may be the real deal, and they may see things about you, but heck, so can't almost every one walking on the face of the planet! Psychic ability is something everyone is born with, so there really is no reason you can't do it yourself, all you need is a few minutes of meditation a few days a week for a couple of weeks and you'll pick right up on it no problem! Nor is there any reason why you should pay $1,200 an hour for something that is so common that ANYONE can do it. Granted professional psychics have more practice at it so may get better results, but still, the most any psychic should ever need to charge is $40 - $60 an hour and even that is pretty steap. I mean, $60 an hour, that'd $1 per minute for DOING NOTHING! You bitch about having to pay $2.99 for a burger and fries, that someone slaved over a hot stove to make, after others slaved to deliver, after others slaved to feed, raise, and slaughter...these cooks, truck drivers and farmers are doing real, back breaking laboand you aren't even willing to pay them $.000005 a day, yet you'll pay a psychic $1, $5, $10 a minute for doing nothing but talking to you in a way that puffs up your vainity and pride? You seriously have your priorities way out of wack on that line of thinking! So, yeah, I think psychics like Sylvia Browne who charge insane prices for sitting on their asses not doing a damn thing are nothing but scam artists. sure they may have real psychic gifts, but they are using those gifts to scam people and take advantage of them. 

Another thing REAL psychics, don't charge readings by the hour, because of the fact you can't do a reading in less than 4 or 5 or 6 hours. No phone psychic is giving you a real reading, unless you are spend 4 or 5 hours on the phone! Readings are VERY advanced things, involving calling up spirits, candle burning, chanting, dance, drawing on the ground (why readings are rarely done indoors!), etc. And when the reading is printed up for you, it's going to be 20 or 30 pages not a few sentances. And it's going to advice you on what spell rituals need to be done, and or what changes you need to make in your lifestyle, not tell you your future!

Ask yourself what you get, from the psychic...what work are they doing? Did you get a doll baby? a bag of herbs? candles? oils? No? Than you got scammed!

But again, as I say, I don't know her other than that she charges $600 for half hour readings and wrote a few books which didn't interest me. I think your question indicates that maybe you are watching her on a TV show or something? You describe seeing her, and listening to her talk to clients. Okay. Perhaps you are unaware of my lifestyle? I have no TV, and I also have no electricity. I do not watch TV. Therefore I am unaware of what exactly you refer to, when you send me questions referancing TV shows.

Let's talk about TV Psychics. There is one truth about TV Psychics and that is this: There is no such thing as a TV Psychic. If the psychic is doing readings in public, you know you are dealing with a smoke and mirrors con artist. How do you know this? Easy: because the SPIRITS WILL NEVER APPEAR IN PUBLIC! Your spirit guide and guardian will only appear to you, or to your reader on your behalf, they will never appear before a crowd, and seeking a TV psychic to do a reading may very well cause your guiding spirits to turn their backs on you as punishment. The same holds true of angels, loa, Fae, demons, patheon, ghosts, deity, and assended masters. NONE will  If Sylvia Browne is as you suggest, a TV Psychic, than she is a fake psychic, doing cold readings, because there are no spirits who will come to any psychic in front of a crowd or on a camera.  Spirits consider it a breach of trust to put your contact with them on display. If a psychic starts out as a real psychic, than goes on TV to do live readings, the first few readings may bring real spirits, but once the spirits realize they've been decieved, they will not only stop coming, but they will fast spread the word to all other spirits, to avoid this vile person who betraied them. The psychic will "lose their gift", because the spirits will refuse to come to them anymore, and you will see a dramatic change in the psychic's readings - they will go from very accurate, to guesses that avoid details, dates, and facts; they will go from very detailed readings to very vauge readings, because where before they were channeling spirits, now they must try to make educated guesses instead. Sylvia Browne may have been a real psychic at some point, but if she has moved to TV as your question suggests, than she has long ago lost her give and is now only a cold reading making guesses based on reading her clients tone of voice and body movements.

Again, as I said, I don't know Sylvia Browne, so my answer here is based on what few facts I do know, they being that she write uniteresting books, charges $600 an hour for readings, and you say she is now a TV Psychic. Had I more facts to go on, perhaps my answer would be different. 

And before you ask, because I know someone well, someone always does...

No, I will not "use my gift" to contact the spirits and ask them to tell me about Sylvia Browne so I can give you a better answer, because guess what: I happen to be respectful of the spirits and no better than to wastre their time asking stupid, silling, senseless, meaningless, and utterly ridiculous questions.


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