Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Dazzling Razzberry II A(nother) Twighlight Manor Car Brought to Life - was at the First Annual Moxie Festival Today

Back from my first car show... got invited to one next month with some of the folks there. Everybody loves my car. :)

Just back from the Moxie Festival, took the Volvo. Had lots of fun. I'll probably be at the Saco Car show on the 28th, the Litchfield one on the 19th of August and the Old Orchard one on 15th of September. Still the Dazzling Razzberry (a rhinestoneed Volvo) in those, same as at the Moxie show, it's a work in progress project, and still got maybe another 8 months of work before it's actually "show ready" but most shows around here let work in progress cars enter, so that's nice, because I still get to enter and hang out with other car folks, even though my car is not ready for the judges yet. Anyways those are the 3 other shows I should be at this year. That's my plan for the moment.

Discovered something too. If you put a sign that says "don't touch" on you car, people don't get too close to it and don't stay long to look....but as in the case with my car, you tell folks, "sure, you can touch it..." suddenly you have 10, 20, 30 people gathered all around you at once, touching, pokeing, and petting your car. Everybody loved rubbing their fingers across the beads and marbles, and talking about how they've never seen such a "fun" and "spectator friendly" car before.

The teddy bears draw people too, because they are flocked and fluffy and touchable... if there was a prize for "the most touched car at the show" mine would have won it! LOL!

One woman asked, "so how many bears are there on the car?"...400.. "400! OMG! You glued 400 bears to your car!" Than she pulls out a camera and starts rushing around my car photographing all the little tiny bears.
One guy wanted to know how many marbles there idea, I bought the marbles by the pound, got about 50lbs of marbles glued to my hood... he decided to try counting them...I don't know how far he got before giving up. :)

This started out, because the door fell off my car, and I duck taped it on with skull duck tape, until I could get it fixed properly. It has since been fixed, but the tape wouldn't come off, so I rhinestoned over the tape, and just kept on going.

 Took 2 months to cover the hood - glueing one bead at a time - will take about another 8 months to finish - over 2 million of beads, rhinestones, buttons, and marbles, and 150 tubes of E-6000 glue. But when finished, every inch of the car will be covered.

The Dazzling Razzberry was a fictional car out of a sci-fi horror series I wrote back in the late 1970's early 1980s. The original car - the one in the book - was a 1983 Lincoln. (Razzbury Swanzen's car of course). I don't have a Lincoln, so I did it to my Volvo, thus why the Volvo is "II"

Cost $900 for the car, about $700 for the beads, rhinestones, and marbles, $150 for the 400 teddy bears, and about $400 for the glue. The whole project, including the cost of buying the car is going to finish out around $3,000

Got 3 more car shows lined up for this summer...July 28, Aug 19, and Sep 15...plan to start doing parades next summer (should have it finished by than)

I was going to do the Moxie Parade this year, but I missed the registration deadline, barely registered in time for the Moxie Car show today

I was parked between 2 Things, a Dune Buggy, and 3 Bugs, we were the only foreign cars there.  They lumped us all together as "special interest". Will get pics of the car show uploaded for you guys soon.

The hood bird is mostly done. Next up is working on getting the trunk bird glittered over.

*Note the 3 stolen teddy bears in the last photo - they were stolen by the drunken bar bums that hang out at Homers Bar/Sportsmans Grill next door to my dad's apartment in Biddeford, I check in on my enlderly disabled dad every day, and have to deal with these sickass drunk shitheads stealing stuff off my car 3 or 4 nights a week. Marbles, beads, buttons, dice, and now 3 of the bears. :( Evil people do evil things, thus why evil things fall upon them. As you have done unto others, so shall the loa do unto you. Stupid bastards. Guess they can't read the writing on the sides of my car. :) LOL! Anyone out there who can read Hatian Vodu Veevee`? No? Well, than, I'll translate, it say's "This Car and it's family are protected by the breath of Damballa Weddo, God of All Gods, Love and Blessings to Them Which Bless Us, Death to Them Which Harm Me".

No, those are NOT random pictures or fancy designs painted on the sides of my car. YES, those are actual words from a real language, and they do have very significant meaning. It's called Hatian Vodu/Voodoo Veevee`/Veve`. Look it up. Remember who I am, what I do for a living, and next time you think about stealing things off my car, think twice, think carefully, and than know that like the GoldenEagle, I bought this car because it had a reputation with it's previous owners of being haunted, cursed, has a ghost in it, and demon possessed - ALL of my cars, are bought for that reason. I collect haunted cars, remember? I won't own a car that DOES NOT have a reputation of being haunted or cursed.

Quick Reminder: I AM EelKat, the one and only "Sea Witch of Old Orchard Beach", owner of The GoldenEagle (the world's most haunted car), Erzulie Priestess and servant of Damballa, and yes, as a few have already asked about, this car is in fact a giant massive Gris-Gris aka Voodoo Doll, and those words are a spell or curse, as the case may be. Pity the fools who steal parts off my car, for they only bring a curse upon their heads and their loved ones. Harm not the car of a witch, esp not the car of a Vodun Medsin Fey of Damballa. ;) My car will bless you or curse you, your choice, as you treat it, it shall treat you.

Blessings on you all, and have a great and wonderful, glorious day!

Rev. EelKat Wendy C. Allen

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