Sunday, August 12, 2012

Vandalism of The Autism Awareness Car

In the past week, I've gotten hundreds of comments from folks around the area, folks who see my car pretty much every day, folks who knew the weekly car show schedule and where following me from car show to car show each weekend, whom have been asking several of the same questions:

"Where have you been?"
 "Where's your car?"
"why weren't you are ParSem?"
"What happened, why are you carpooling?"
"Why haven't you been at the car shows?"
"Is the Razzberry alright?"
"Why isn't it running?"

And from those who've actually seen the Razzberry since the vandalism:

"Ohmigod! What happened to your car?"
"Where's the teddy bears?"
"Where's the Moxie cans?"
"Where's the butterflies?"
"What happened to the door?"
"Who would do this?"
"Why does God let such evil people exist?"
"It's insane jealousy, I tell you. No sane person would do something like this."

And than there's the folks from the upcoming Autism Awareness Event, this being The Autism Awareness Car, who have been asking me every few days:

"You're going to fix it aren't you?"
"You'll get it running soon won't you?"
"Your still going to be at the show aren't you?"
"We really want your car at the show, please, if you can get it running again, please still bring it in."

So, what happened? What are we doing about it? When can you expect to see it back in the show circuit?

Well as many of you know, I went to bed Friday night before ParSem, after getting the car ready to leave at 6AM the next morning to make the long 2 hour drive to the car show in Parsonsfield. At 9PM the car was fine and ready to go. I awoke Saturday morning, got ready to leave at 6AM as planned, and was greeted by a wreck of a mess, with the car vandalized in horrendous proportions. At first the vandalism appeared to be mostly cosmetic, but than we tried to start the car. By 11AM it became apparent that nothing I could do, was going to get the car running again. Whatever the vandals had done, they trashed it good this time (this was the 4th attack on my car since May - and the 9th attack on my car since 2011). The identity of the recent attacker is unknown, police do not know if this is yet another attack by the haters of the Saco ward Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ Church (as the previous attacks proved to have been) or if this was an attack by The Bacon Street Gang, a group of hoodlum thugs (many between the ages of only 8 and 16 years old!) who roam Water St, Sullivan Ave, Pearsons Lane, and Bacon St of Biddeford, like a roaming pack of rabid wolves trashing cars between police rounds. The Bacon St Gang is famous for waiting for a police car to drive by, than trashing the nearest car as fast as they can, to see how much damage they can do in the 5 minutes it takes the patrol car to get up Sullivan and back down Pearsons. In the past year they have down over $60,000 in damages to more than 4 dozen cars parked on these streets. Police are at a loss for what to do, because many members of Biddeford's infamous car trashing gang are under the age of 10 and can not be arrested. The children's parents respond to these actions by saying "Well, that's the way kids are, they got to have something to do."

At the time of this particular attack on The Razzberry, it was parked in my dad's driveway on Pearson's Lane. Unusual for a car parked in a driveway to be attacked, most are parked out front of Homers Bar/Sportsmans grill when they are attacks by this pack of thugs. This is only the third time a car has ever been attacked while parked in a driveway.

In any case, that was what happened at some time between 9PM Friday and 6AM Saturday, thus why we did not arrive at the ParSem Car show, and why all shows since that have been canceled.

Only one show is still on our schedule: The Autism Awareness Event on September 9th. This being The Autism Awareness Car.

 I was invited to the Autism Awareness Event, just days after the vandalism. He asked me, to bring it to the show, butt the time he asked me to come to the show, my car was not running, unfortunatly. It was baddly vandalised that past week, which put me without transportation, as it is my daily driver, and resulted in me missing several college classes. Very upsetting on many levels.

Why wasn't it running? Wires shorted out by having water poured in them, backfired shorting out the entire electrical system. Massive amount of repairs required. Thousands of dollars to fix the engine damage - the damages totaled far more than my yearly income and thankfully a local mechanic is doing the repairs free of charge or I would be without a car for at least another 18 months.

Brake lines were cut. Exaught pipe stabbed with an ice pick multiple times. Many more thousands of dollars in damages.

Fortunatly we have got it running again; unforutunatly while the mechanical damage is now mostly repaired (we had to redo all the wiring for the eletrical and engine), the body damage is quiet exstensive. (83 of the teddy bears were stolen, as were the Moxie cans and the glow-in-the-dark alien figurures, and massive damage was done to the sides as someone took a key or knife or something sharp and scrapped off many of the beads and rhinestones, on top of that they covered the winshield with transmission fluid and dumped rock salt over the truck causing some corrosion.) The police have not yet found who did this to my car, whoever they were they did thousands of dollars in damages, so it will be a while before the car's outer body surface art is fully restored...if it ever is.

The stolen teddy bears are distressing, as they cost my $300 (a total of 2 months income for me, and I had to go without eating many meals in order to buy those bears). The bears can not be replaced, as it'll take me another 6 months to save up that $300 all over again, in order to buy new ones, and my health, being what it is, I can not afford to miss any more meals. As many know, this car is being built much faster than my previous art cars, due to the fact that I have cancer and only have a few months time left to finish building this car, as because of my Autism, I am not allowed to have medical insurance and thus can not get the surgery I need. Like I said, it'll take 6 months for me to save up enough money to replace the bears, and without surguy, I do not have that long. So unless the thieves return the stolen bears, the bears are gone from my car forever. Very sad.

The guy from the Autism Awareness Event was deeply disapointed when he found out the car was not running, as he was so exicted about my planning to bring it to ythe show. At that point, I did not know how long it would take to get it on the road again. There was some worry, that even if we get it running again, the body damage, is bad enough to pull it out of the show circut (very frustrating, because I have this car attending shows most every weekend - even at the monster truck rally, this summer, where Team Big Foot let me get a picture of my car with Big Foot.) We were on the way to the ParSem Car Show, but got up that Saterday morning to find the car trashed and out of commision. Very upsetting. We have no idea who did it, or why they did it. Anyways, he said to me, that, the Autism show isn't worried about the cars, because it's more to promote autism awareness than promoting the cars, and that they really wanted The Autism Awareness Car at the show regardless.

Every few days since it stopped running, he's been asking me if we'd have it running again in time for the show. He was estatic at this morning's class when he saw The Dazzling Razzberry drive up in the art studio psarking lot, and said "You got it running, so you're going to the show right? Did you contact them yet to let them know you'll be there?" Well, I wasn't sure if we were going to get it running gain or not, so no, I had not contacted you yet, but it's running now, and as long as nothing else happens to it between now and the show, I'm planning to be there with it. The mechanical stuff is being worked on more throughout the next few weeks and I'll be working on repairing the body damage, so hopefully, we'll have it back up to a more show worthy condition by the time of the car show.

People keep asking me why I built this car. I have Autism, that is why I built The Autism Awareness Car.

I have gone a long way to overcome challanges that psychologists said I never would. I was taken out of school at age 8, told, I would never have a job, never drive a car, never go to college, and never be able to live unasisted on my own. I built this car to tell my story and let others know not to give up on their children. I hope my life serves as an inspiration to families of other Autistics. People think of Autism and they think of children and forget that children with Autism grow up to be adults with Autism. People look at me and think I should be able to do things they think are easy. Many "simple" tasks are very hard for me, even today. I am still greatly limited, but I have learned to work around my limits and expand on the things I am good at: in my case, art and writing short stories and articles. I am in college now, because it is my goal to teach creative writing and art. It may take us longer to do things others find easy, but we -people with Autism- can go on to  lead normal lives with families of our own. I started driving at age 34, got my GED at age 35, started college at age 36, and went on to become a Phi Theta Kappa honor student by 37. If I can do this, your child can too. There is always hope, never give up. Your child is a blessing, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

FYI: I welcome all email! That includes arrogant, bigoted, rude, ignorant, snide hate mail many uber religious folks enjoy sending my way.  However, be forewarned that by choosing to send me a letter, email, blog comment, FaceBook comments, or any other message from any other means, which falls into any category, you thereby relenquish all ownership rights and responsibilities concerning your letter(s) and comments(s). I will post any and all letters, both positive and negative, that I feel require or deserve a response. If you don't want the world knowing your troubles, knowing you are a hater, or knowing you are a bigoted jackass, please refrain from sending me mail, because if you get really bitchy, I'll go right ahead and use your real name too. Thank you and have a nice day.
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