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The following list of gods are "creator gods" each one supposedly created the universe. why would you believe one over the other?

This is one of the longest questions I've been asked! LOL! It must be a few pages printed! No matter, my answer will be longer you can rest assured of that!:

The following list of gods are "creator gods" each one supposedly created the universe. why would you believe one over the other? is there any physical evidence that one of them is real and the others are fakes? is there any logical argument that one of them is real and the others are fakes? Can you tell me exactly which "creator" it was that created us? which do you believe in and why?

a partial list of "creator gods":

Flying Spaghetti Monster
Mother Earth
Vili and Vé

I realise that I've missed out ALOT of gods, but this is just a tiny example of the number of god out there that have supposed to have created us.
there are more, but you get the picture. there are many more gods and semi-gods who were not creator gods too, what about them?

Long question. Let's break it up.

The following list of gods are "creator gods" each one supposedly created the universe. why would you believe one over the other? 

That is a long list, yes, but no where's near comprehenisve. If you really wanted to do your research, there are aproximatly 10,000 different creator gods. Every tribe, in every culture, in every country has a creator god story, and some have "ancient", "old", and "modern" creator god stories within the tradition, meaning each culture has several variations on the creator god story. Why believe one over the other? Depends on how you were raised, where you grew up, what your parents believed, etc.  Most of the population is too lazy to use free will and simply continues believing EXACTLY whatever it was their parents taught them, teaching it to their own children, questioning nothing and never once thinking there may be another way to believe. This is not nessacarily bad, nor is it good, for it simply is what it is: people blindly repeating what they are told. That said, the average person, is never going to stop and ask: "Is this right? Is there another way?" This again is niegther good nor bad, right nor wrong, it is simply the way life is.

Okay, so you have asked this question to me and that means, you are one of the rare few who for whatever reason, woke up one day and said "Hey, I'm not sure what I was taught is actually right, how do I prove it is true? What if it proes to be wrong? What should I believe? How do I know which if any is the correct one?" That in mind, you started researching, and became even more confused, because now you have a list of a few hundred creator gods and you have no idea how to make heads or tails of that list. The more creator gods you discover, the more confused you become.

Why should you believe one over the other? Only you can answer that. Everyone who stops following the god of their parents and starts following a different god, is going to have a different reason why they choose to believe in the god they picked. Some may find a warrior god more attractive, others may find a feather winged god more attractive, others may want a female god, others may want a kind gentle god of peace, the reasons are endless.

What do I personally recommend? Well, if god was god, than god would have been the creator of everything, even the other creator gods. This means finding the OLDEST god, the FIRST god, and using historical evidance and archeological findings to trace all of the various tens of thousands of creation stories until you come to the very first one, or at least the very first one known to have been recorded. You know it isn't going to be recent creations like Flying Spaghetti Monster (created in the last 15 years), Cthulhu (less than 120 years old), Jesus (2012 years old), or even the ever popular God of Abraham, God of the Bible, Jehovah, Yahweh. I Am, Elohim, or Allah (each less than 7,000 years old).

The God of the Bible (also called: God of Abraham, Jehovah, Yahweh. I Am, Elohim, or Allah) is by far the most popular creation story and is in fact refered to by Christian scientists as the The Creation Theory. It is called a theory to make it sound scientific, but in fact it of not a theory it is only a hypothesis. Creationists, believe that the world was created in seven days, and they claim that they have observed the fact in nature, but these are false statements, because the only way they could have observed the 7-day creation was if they had been present during one of those seven days. They can observe nature, but they can not observe it’s creation (well they could observe births and plant seeds and all, but we are talking “poof” it appears out of thin air type creation here, and not only that but “poof” it appears only during one of these 6 out of 7 days at exactly 6,200 years ago). There are day by day diaries of kingdoms in China, which follow day by day activities of the royal families spanning a little over 20,000 years, proving without a doubt that the Earth is no less than 20,000 years old and proving without a doubt that at least parts of The Creation Theory has holes in it, because it states that the Earth will end on it’s 7,000 year of existence and that The 7-Day Creation happened about 6,200 - 6,500 years ago. There are Christians who accused the archaeologists who dug up those codex of having created them just to try to destroy the “validity” of The Creation Theory! They can correctly call it The Creation Hypothesis, because it is what the think happened, but they can not correctly call it The Creation Theory because they have no repeatedly observable evidence that it is what happened.

Well, with hard evidance that the Earth, or rather human life on the Earth, is no less than 20,000 years old, we now have to search for a creation god, who exists prior to 20,000 years ago, and that knocks pretty much every single creation god off of your list because most of them are younger than the God of the Bible and the ones which are older are never much older. It is very difficult to find a god story dating back to 20,000 years because there is little evidance to indicate that the human race had a concept of gods and religion prior to 10,000 years ago. The ancient Egyptian gods are amoung the oldest, but even those only go back 12,000 years, still a fare cry from the 20,000 year requirement. The Summerians come close with Enki, one of the oldest known gods, but still does not go back far enough to reach our 20,000 year old requirment. And with Enki crossed off the list we now find a very narrow list indeed, in fact, there is only one name left on the list: Danballa, and Damballa is an ancient creator god, with an age unknown, but verified to be no less than 20,000 years old, and susspected at dating back to the times of the cave dwellers, some 300,000 years ago, making him not only old enough to meet our requirement, but older than any other known recorded human records.

Damballa's story is unique among creation stories. Most tell of the creation of one group of people. The god is black, his people are black, white people are evil, or the god is white, his people are white, black people are evil. You do not find this with Damballa's story. Damballa has no true solid form, and no color. He can apear as a man of any color, and has multiple wives, one each of every color. The story states that, we all are children of the One God. The One God (Damballah Weddo) had 3 wives (each of differant skin color - white, black, and red/brown). Each wife had many children. Each of these children needed a place to live, so the Earth was created out of a serpent egg, and each child was given a country to rule over. Each child created a unique language of their own. Many cultures came from this, as the children's children's children grew up and multiplied and spread across the Earth. The One God, though a great magician, shapeshifter, and creator was not perfect, his ability to speak was baddly impared, his language slurred by a hissing stutter, saddly found it difficult to communicate with his beloved children and grandchildren. When the One God did appear on the Earth, no one could look at him in his true form and live so he would appear in the form of a serpent. Because it was so difficult for him to be seen or heard, by those living in physical bodies, that he apointed the dead spirits of his wives and their children (called the loa) to act as mediators to speak to the living children on his behalf. Each wife looked over the children of her lineage, and over the centuries as each living person dies, they become loa and watch over their children's children. Every few generations, the loa return to the physical body, being reborn into the same family from which they decended. The cycle of birth, death, guardianship, and rebirth continues in an ever flowing circle of life, thus the name Vodu (vuvu means "to draw water" or "to give birth", thus vodu means "to give new life to the spirits"). Vodunists keep long and careful records of their ancestors, knowing by name sometimes dozens of generations back. The bones of the dead and kept carefully preserved in family shrines, with offerings left to the loa to let them know you have not forgotten them and are thankful that they are watching over your family. Death is not feared, but rather celebrated as it means going home live with your ancestors at a great big happy family reunion. This is the OLDEST known creation story, and thus being the FIRST creation story, means that no other creation story written after this one can possibly be anything other than a watered down copy of this one which is the ORIGINAL, so far as evidance is able to prove.

is there any physical evidence that one of them is real and the others are fakes? 

To date there is no evidance of any kind which is able to prove any god is real. Neigther is there evidance proving them fake. While a few like Flying Spaghetti Monster and Cthulhu are known fakes, both created to poke fun at god myths, most can not be proven to be eigther real or fake.

is there any logical argument that one of them is real and the others are fakes? 

The only logical argument, is to determin who came first, which god is the oldest, which god created the universe first. Only the oldest god with the oldest creation story has any real ground to stand on, the rest and just copycats. As I said, Damballa is the oldest known god, with the oldest known creation story, meaning that every creator god after him, is either him being called by a different name, or a fake trying to get some glory.

Can you tell me exactly which "creator" it was that created us? which do you believe in and why? 

After 30 years of asking this same question and researching every possible answer I could find, I came to the conclusion that if we were in fact created by a god, than Damballa was the most likely candidate.

there are many more gods and semi-gods who were not creator gods too, what about them?

There are many spirit beings, angles, faeries, ghosts, etc. What many refer to as gods are nothing more than spirit beings.

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