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FAQs: How do you become a wiccan high priest as a solitare?

How do you become a wiccan high priest as a solitare?

This is a silly question. I'm sorry, I know you are probably hoping for some long words of wisdom here, but really, the very idea of being a solitary high priest is so utterly ridiculous that is just makes your lack on knowledge and immature age stand on it's head. Why do I say this, well, for starters it is clear you have no idea what a high priest is, or why you would need to become one.

It doesn't matter if you are Wiccan, Christian, Mormon, Muslim, Voodoo, or anything else that has a priesthood, the religion itself doesn't matter, because the word priest always means the same thing regardless of religion. A priest is a leader of a group of people. So in the case of Wicca, the only way you can ever call yourself a priest is if you lead a coven (a coven being described as a group of 3 or more members gathered together to worship a deity and lead by a priest or priestess).

A high priest, is the priest who leads the group, when you have a group large enough to require two or more priests. You will never see an actual REAL high priest in any group that has fewer than 12 members, whether it be a Wiccan coven, a Voodoo temple, or a Christian church. A group needs a high priest, when it gains so many members that a single priest is no longer able to handle the crowd on his own. Rarely do you ever see a group with 2 priests, usually there are three priest: the high priest (the priest who started the group) and the two assistant priests whom he ordained to help him run the group (coven, church, temple, whatever).

When you get to the point of having more priest than you can manage, say you have 2 priests in your group for ever 10 members, and now you have 50 members, meaning you also have 10 priests, than it become neccasary for other ranks, such as Pope, Cardinal, Bishop, Most High Priest, Grand High Priest, etc (though you won't need ranks like Pope and Cardinal, unless you suddenly find your group has several thousand members). In this case you would figure on a system along the lines of this:

1 Pope (also known as Prophets or Presidents) to rule the group (this would be the person who started the group, followed by his heir after he dies) after you gain about 1000 members, regardless of the other ranks.

1 Cardinal for every 10 Bishops

1 Bishop for every 10 Most High Priests

1 Most High Priest for every 10 Grand High Priests

1 Grand High Priest for every 10 High Priests

1 High Priest for every 10 Priests

1 Priest for every 10 members.

This is the basic system used by most covens, churches, synagogs, and temples regardless of the type of religion in question.

You wouldn't reach the rank of High Priest until you had nearlt 100 member attending your ritual services and here you are a solitary without any group and thinking you can become a high priest? You can see why I laugh at how utterly ridiculous your question is. I'm sorry but some one has been pulling your leg and telling you some tall tale fibs if they are parading around using the title of high priest without a congregation!

The only way you can be both a solitary and a high priest, is if you were the high priest of a group, but than left that group to become a wandering minister, and you take that ranking title with you.

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